Best Games with the Worst Titles

Sometimes great games just come packaged with terrible names, don't they? It's often hard not to judge a book by its cover, but these games definitely could have used a different franchise name...

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BeastlyRig2503d ago

Hopefully WARFACE will be good!!

looks cool for a free shooter!

Tikicobra2503d ago

This writer doesn't know what a killzone is.

NoobSessions2503d ago

I thought the name Infamous is awesome, but the capitalizaton ruins it.

Demon's Souls seems badass though

PS3Freak2503d ago

just a random observation.

Maybe inFAMOUS is spelt that way because you can be good or evil. You take out the in and yer just famous, which is the opposite of infamous.

I dunno just makin shit up.

Stewie2k82503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

I'm sorry, but Killzone is a great name for an FPS game (if you know what a real killzone is) i even seen a few killzones in the online especially in Killzone 2. so that name fits pretty great imo tbh.

distorted_reality2503d ago

It's a generic name, not a great name. It literally screams generic shooter.

SquareEnixFan2503d ago

I don't have a problem with the title of any of these games. Even the reasons the author gives for these choices make no sense.

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