HOMEFRONT: The Most Original Game Ever?

The guys at Whiskey and Games take a look at HOMEFRONT and the many inspirations it seems to have. Is this game nothing more than just another modern combat shooter? You decide!

Or don't and just carry on with your life as though this game doesn't exist. Don't worry, most people will probably be joining you.

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gravemaker2684d ago

The Most Original Game Ever?
of course not

an0nym0us2684d ago

Yes it is. What other game allows americans to shoot koreans?

blaziliuz122683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

epic fail to anonymous

madjedi2683d ago

Duh mercenaries from last gen newbie.

Soldierone2683d ago

So simply switching out Russians with Koreans means auto original? Yeah uhh no.

vishant1012683d ago

most original game = bioshock

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sikker442683d ago

dosent have to be. its a great game. SHAZAM LIKE A LITTLE LAMB

Syaz12683d ago

americans are on the losing side this time. of course it's original.


dragon822683d ago

It is a very unique twist to most FPS. We don't usually get to play war games that take place on US soil because too many people will get their feelings hurt and cry to Faox News about it.

madjedi2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

Resistance 2 ring any bells? Unique twist huh, too bad the backstory leading into the game is so laughable and unrealistic as are the repeated series of perfect events in nk's favor, next time pick a serious potential threat like china.

Lmao north korea taking down the us, they have to get international aid so their own people don't starve to death.

Baka-akaB2683d ago

lol modern warfare 2 ...

Soldierone2683d ago

Modern Warfare 2, Resistance, Crysis, a couple RTS games, and the list goes on....

dragon822683d ago

I was talking about the entire game being on US soil and it was mostly sarcastic. Lighten up a bit.

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gorebago2683d ago

More like worst game ever

citan2683d ago

Too much whiskey during games.

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