Can Modern Warfare 3 Remain The Best FPS?

With so many first-person shooter games coming out this year, a question arises: will Modern Warfare 3 be able to keep the crown as the best first-person shooter game in the Modern Warfare series? Video game enthusiast Paul Iuzzolino writes on what games will challenge Modern Warfare 3 for the crown.

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Nate-Dog2681d ago

Remain? I think you mean "become".

And as for that question, no I don't think it can. It's obviously going to sell, but personally I honestly think that for the first time in a few years sales in this year's CoD title will dip after the mess of a game Black Ops was on PS3. Then again the Modern Warfare series has been very successful too so maybe I'm wrong. But it has a huge amount of competition this year, particularly in Battlefield 3, and I myself don't see any other FPS beating BF3 this year.

Substance1012680d ago

Naa people arent that dumb, i mean you can fool them few times. But they wont be buying the same rehashed garbage 4-5hour campaign and new MP maps every year.

trainsinrdr2680d ago

people arent dumb? where have you been the last few years

Downtown boogey2680d ago


Haha, you're absolutely correct :D

But I do think CoD's downfall is upon us and it will happen because of the graphics of other games have taken a tremendous leap over it.

Rageanitus2680d ago

I dont see where the hate is coming from... COD series have always been enjoyable.... not the best but still pretty decent.

Its funny how ppl say Halo is the king of FPS... the problem that I saw from Reach is it lacked the epicness found i modern warfare 2.... it just felt more cinematic. Halo felt VERY monotone when the actors spoke

RankFTW2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

I will be buying MW3 and I'm sure that millions of others will aswell.

BattleAxe2679d ago

Black Ops was the only CoD game that I didn't like, so I'm just going to wait and see before I make my judgement.

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Amphion2680d ago

Yeah, remain implies that it once was. We know that's not true.

Parapraxis2680d ago

I play Call of Duty a lot with friends, yeah the series sells tons, but I'd hardly label it the "best".
Black Ops is full of issues.

And Nate-Dog is right, MW3 is not the best YET. In order to be considered "best" there would have to be some serious improvements over all the other games in the series.

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ps3deo2681d ago

I agree, Call of Duty was the best FPS but I think with the past two titles it has slipped big time. Still though to be #1 king for any genre is going to be combine with popularity and gameplay. So while most smart people know COD isn't the best, the game does a billion in sales so more people than others will say "Call of Duty is the best FPS ever". All in the numbers.

thugbob2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

CoD was never the best FPS. Sales do not equal quality at all. It equals popularity.

The title should say:

Can Modern Warfare 3 Remain The Most Popular FPS?

My answer to this is yes it can and will, but this will be CoD's last chance to impress. If they fail at that, then MW4 or whatever the next CoD game is will have a huge decline on week one launch sales.

FFXI1012679d ago

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare WAS and still IS one of the best FPS. (It is on the top of my list along with the Rainbow 6)

But you are right, to me, it is their last chance to impress me. After playing Black Ops
I was upset and frustrated(both online & offline) so I trade it back and never play it again.

I won't say I'm NOT going to buy it, I'll wait till there are more detail about the game and if I like what I saw or read I'll probably pre-order it. However, if the game is totally a let down this will the the last game I EVER going to buy (or rent) from them(treyarch, activision and IW)

SockMaster2680d ago

I doubt it for now, i was so pumped for black ops and was really dissapointed:

MW3 will need much balencing
Dedicated Servers

To keep it near the top but, im doubtful.....

Ghost2502680d ago

uh how can a game remain the best if it isn't even out, and besides that COD series has never been the best of the FPS genre

csreynolds2680d ago

Technically, for Modern Warfare 3 to remain the best FPS it first has to become the best FPS - which it isn't, because it hasn't been made. At best, it's in early development.

Think your titles through. "Can Call of Duty Remain The Best FPS?" might've worked better... besides, I have a feeling Battlefield 3 will have what it takes to topple the CoD series.

hennessey862680d ago

but on consoles cod will not be beaten. I dont care what anyone says, cod is still enjoyable and im finding that im choosing to play cod over killzone 3 its more enjoyable and no im not new to gaming ive been gaming 20 years. But when you mention cod you get labaled a noob its stupid

kikizoo2679d ago

you are choosing it over killzone, because you don't have killzone, or even a ps3.

other solution : you like noobs friendly games, arcadish fps who don't reward skilled people.

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