Crysis 2 PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs PC: HD Screenshot Comparison

This articles compares the PS3 to the Xbox 360 and PC version of Crysis 2. Hint: Click on "see full-size image" to enlarge the screenshots to original size.

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pangitkqb2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The big question: Did Crytek really give each platform everything they could?

Hopefully...but I have doubts.

It makes me sad to say it, but the more I see of Crysis 2 the more I think PS3 is getting the shaft. And that is bullshit. All this talk of every platform being the same from Crytek you would think differently.

Don't get me wrong, I loved Crysis and Crysis Warhead. I was just hoping to see them do better with the consoles.

Oh well, KZ 3 actually did look and play as good as everyone thought it would so I will play that.

@ Wizzio Kid Ya, best platform for this one will be PC. Not a surprise, but I was still hoping for parity on both consoles.

Wizziokid2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

nope only played the PS3 one out of the console demos and if that's the best the PS3 can do (which we all know it isn't) next-gen better hurry up.

the PC version does look nice with the setting on Hardcore, if you want to play this game to it's best, I suggest skip the consoles

DualConsoleOwner2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

than Crysis 2 on consoles..

even LOT(xbox biased supposedly) admitted that KZ2 looks better than Crysis 2 on 360.

so Crytek really has no excuse for getting beat by a two years old game on PS3..

@the picture comparison... it is kinda bad shots... you are looking at far away sceneries where you would notice the PC advantage the least...

Pixelated_Army2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Definitely get the PC version both the 360 and PS3 version look assed out.

milohighclub2685d ago

From those screen shots, I think the ps3 looks closest to the pc in terms of detail, but the pic looks washed out. Saying that the 360 looks 2 dark and also looks like it has dynamic contrast up full causing it to look messy! Pc looks the best but we knew it was gonna. Still cant wait to see it on my ps3. When crytek said the 360 can do 3d because of the way they make it, I hope that doesn't mean the ps3 is gonna have shitty side by side like the 360s. Does the ps3 demo have 3d and is it reald or s-b-s?

FinalSpartan2685d ago

Xbox 360 version looks beast

pixelsword2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

How can they give a HD screenshot comparison when the game isn't HD on either console?


paintsville2685d ago

PC definately wins no doubt about it but the 360 is vastly "superior" to the ps3 version.
To be immediately followed by, "Crytek is stupid, crytek can't optimize, crytek is lazy, exclusives, exclusives, blah, blah, blah. After five years of the same ol' same ol' excuses from the ps3 fanboys it's starting to just sound like background noise.

NiKK_4192685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Are Yu kidding me? The ps3 and PC version look alike and the 360 one has the best details...yu can tell all they did was make a 360 game then pass it down the ps3 and everyone saying the PC is best...look at it, it looks washed out just like ps3 version, however yes the PC version will have better resolution and everything than 360 version, but this is a console port...definitely can tell

Edit: looking at these though, I think the 360 is waaay too dark like always, it does have the best effects, but everything is so dark, so I guess PC kind of wins, but 360 still has beat effects like the rays and things (because it was built for 360)....crytek can't do multiplatform, they ruined PC and ps3

HolyOrangeCows2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

"PC wins"

The disagrees are votes towards "Captain Obvious of the Year" awards.
...and fanboys.

starchild2685d ago

I knew PS3 fans were going to do this if the PS3 version turned out looking inferior. I knew that they would start bashing the game in general and saying all kinds of ridiculous things about it. They know it looks good so they feel threatened by it and go on the attack.

MaxXAttaxX2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

While PC and PS3 are very similar in brightness and contrast levels.

Exhibit A: http://www.videogameszone.d...
Exhibit B: http://www.videogameszone.d...

specialguest2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Good point.

Sometimes I wonder why people associate over saturated colors and contrast with being better graphically.

In photography, this would be considered a bad attribute to have. Exhibit A is a good example. The over exaggerated brightness and contrast hiding the details of the gun and posted photos on the left side of the screen.

Sure, the 360 version is pretty to the untrained eye, but if the PC version represents the ideal graphics and presentation, then the PS3 comes closer than the 360.

malamdra2685d ago

I played on the 360 and the PS3 and can't hardly tell any differeces, on the PS3 it seems to take longer to find a match but the game looks pretty much the same on both consoles

but actually either version is very far in visual quality from Killzone 3, this looks just a little better than COD and not as good as Bad Company 2

EDIT: hit detection is a big problem but that happens on both versions

Masterchef20072685d ago

Now that i think about it what you say is true. The PS3 is the one closest to the PC version. The 360 doesnt look better by being darker because the darkness hides the detail in the game.

I agree with you that darker is not equal to better. Which is something many people have failed to learn.

Kleptic2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

^^that actually happens a lot between PS3 and 360 multiplatform games...

colors on the 360 always seem...different...not sure of the reason...but to me its like the settings on my TV...if I switch color to the presets of 'warm', it looks like the PS3 screens...if I set it to 'cool', it looks like the 360 screens...

some developers even talked about it...Rockstar was saying how the PS3 version of GTAIV has a softer color palette, because of the way it renders the game, and that they slightly preferred that to the 360's more vibrant color rendering...

it is strange though that color wise, and background blurring/effect wise...the PC and PS3 look nearly identical...while the 360 version looks like the settings for screen capturing are completely changed...

last night played both versions of the demo back to back console wise...360 and then PS3...This is the biggest 'blow it out of proportion as much as possible' situation i've run into in a long time...the PS3 version is perfectly fine to anyone that doesn't have a rabid agenda...the 360 version is fine too...both struggle at times, both have some pop in here or there...and NEITHER version is crowned any type of console graphics king...but both are perfectly playable in my experience...

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2685d ago

Your kidding right? in those screenshots, XBOX 360 looks the best, look how vibrant the colours are, the PS3/PC version look identical in some images.

No doubt PC will look best in the final build with all specs bla de bla.

But Xbox 360 verson looks freakin great!

milohighclub2685d ago

There's 2 much color it looks messy.

Coffin872685d ago

WOW.. OMG dude really???
I mean.. really????
How f*in ignorant can it get.

Judging from those screenshots, 360 has *BY FAR* the worst graphics, they're downright crappy!!! I mean really, what screenthots were you looking at??
Look at the screen I attached. It looks like an alpha build from a 2005 game. Just Cause 1 had better graphics. Hell, even the first GeOW had better graphics.
If I were a 360 owner, I'd be kinda pissed really by the work that Crytek did.

PS3 doesn't look that bad imo. Not as bad as I feared.
But obviously it gets WAY closer to the PC standard than the 360 version.

pixelsword2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

I don't know for certain about that one coffin; of course the PC looks the best, but (I'm going by the first pic) the PS3 version looks blurry; whether it will look like that in the final game is unknown. The 360 version looks crisper, although being more vibrant could be just a matter of adjustment on their part (yes, professional gaming sites often do not tweak their console settings)

But as far as jaggies, the PS3 and 360 version looks different ,but evens out to be almost the same to me, but the PS3 has a slight, slight, sliiiiight advantage (basically meaning, not an advantage lol).

Colorwise, the PS3 version looks more like the PC version, and I know a lot of people don't tweak their PC unless they are graphics professionals or avid PC gamers, so this kinda makes me think that some settings could be better on the PC and PS3.

If I were to rank them, I would honestly have to see both of them running to accurately judge, put the PS3 version in terms of still shots comes out last to me.

Actually, seeing this in motion could alter my opinion: I remember how GTAIV looked better in action on the PS3 (and was quoted by several sites of being the better looking between the PS3/360 and the PS3 version looked blurry in pics, so it might change, but how I don't know.

stevenhiggster2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

The 360 version looks more vibrant because of the higher contrast settings, the same effect could easily be achieved on PC and PS3 with some tweeking of contrast and brightness settings.
Fact is though, the PC version looks better on my PC than those pics, and the PS3 version looked worse on my TV than those pics, so these comparison images are worthless. Everyone has their monitors/TV's set up differently so comparisons are moot unless you do them yourself on your own set up. (or unless there are mega obvious differences, which in this case there are not.)

Halochampian2685d ago

I am actually quite shocked from the results but the 360 version looks better in many areas, when compared to the PS3.

The PS3 has so much blur in everything and where is the lighting?

The fanboys can fight all they want. I dont play a game for it graphics. I play it for pure fun. I just find it funny of the Sony fans base a game on it while the 360 fans love to shove it in their faces when multiplats dont look as good.

Funny world we live in.

Oh well. I'm not buying the game. Too busy with work and life in general.

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FinalSpartan2685d ago

damn PS3 versions looks horrendous.

Inside_out2685d ago

Everybody should of known when Crytek was running around showing everyone the 360 build. Rage, Brink and anything else will be the same. I have a PS3 as well but it's pretty obvious to see if you are really looking. Stop complaining already, it's embarrassing.

PS3n3602685d ago

i think they all look decent enough to play. If i was to nitpick I would say pc and ps3 look a little muted and the 360 has too much contrast which can be a pain in the arse when you cant see whats going on in darker scenes. I guess if you like high contrast and vibrant color its 360. If you prefer a more gritty movie style graphic then its pc/ps3. i am undecided which one I like best so no clear winner here for me.

tatotiburon2685d ago

as always xbox 360 version wins

Vherostar2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Madness look at this pic
http://translate.googleuser... http://www.videogameszone.d...
The PS3 and PC shot have some sort of green tint to them probably because of where the characters stood right in the water this is going to lower quality yet the 360 shots are standing further back thus increasing quality. Whoever is posting these is trying to prove 360 is better than ps3 and pc when its no way gonna beat PC. EPIC FAIL.

These are cherry picked shots and the PS3 looks like the PC and the 360 colours are completely different? Which probably means they took the 360 shots from a different source then again these are the same site that said games like FF13 looked better on 360 so it shows there credibility.

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Wizziokid2685d ago

no point in putting PC in there it's obviously the winner, the real comparison is 360 and PS3, to judge if crytek really did put there all into each version...

from playing the demo alone, I say nope

Fishy Fingers2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

PC screens look terrible here, dont know if the seetings were low or the capture is bad.

Consoles, both look damn ugly (slight exaggeration), especially PS3 which seems to be lacking a lot of lighting effects (HDR, god rays etc) while the 360 seems to have over compensated. After all the chest beating I expected more.

Although, Crysis 2, does look far better in motion than screens shots/grabs.

Ranshak2685d ago

its not just a question of still screen shots, PC version running on a 70-100usd gpu will obviously be much smoother then either console.

Fluidity of game play > graphics.

toaster2685d ago

No idea how a site can get a bad capture from ANY PC game. Install FRAPs and that is about as good as you're going to get.. and it's free.

theonlylolking2685d ago

I agree when I saw there PC pics and PS3 pics I was saying to myself"they dont look like that".

The PC looks great in motion and screen shots but these are poor.

CoxMulder2685d ago

Contrast on the 360 version is way higher, you can't even tell the HUD is green anymore, it looks white.

Bad comparison.

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ps3bestever2685d ago

360 version looks much better than any platfrom ;)

Pandamobile2685d ago

Why is the 360 version so damn dark?

BlackKnight2685d ago

I think they set the 360 reference level to "expanded" which is the proper setting, while PS3 is left on "Limited".

PC totally depends on the settings they have set for their color profile (I believe color profiles affect screenshots, not just local monitor/TV output) on the PC and video card settings.

ATiElite2685d ago

The PC version looks like ass. Who's ever PC that is they need to run a Monitor color correction program.

Those screenshots are not impressive because that monitor they are using is lame. On the PC version those colors should not look dull. also they need to make sure their video card is set to QUALITY and not performance and stop doing comparisons in DX9 mode.

Crytek didn't use MLAA on the PS3 and boy was that a lot of Zaggies, the 360 looks good until the object is up close then it's all dark and blurred. now as far as graphics....

Alan Wake > Crysis 2 360
Any PS3 Exclusive > Crysis 2 PS3
gonna wait till the DX11 PC version is out to truly bash Crysis 2 PC cause so far only the lighting effects separates it slightly from Crysis 1.

BlackKnight2685d ago (Edited 2685d ago )

Alan wake runs pretty far under 720P (but at least runs as 4xMSAA which is impressive for console), but has volumetric lighting done almost perfectly accurate while Crysis 2 does a less accurate version on consoles. Alan wake also does this on multiple light sources, not just the sun like Crysis 2. Crysis 2 also has deferred lighting which gives it much more dynamic lights. But Crysis 2 has object motion blur, while Alan Wake only has camera motion blur. Both have similar shadow quality and both have SSAO and both have HDR.

KZ3 has no HDR. Only has SSAO in certain areas (very odd). No real time volumetric lighthing, fakes it with transparent textures. But has excellent motion blur+objects, 720P, MLAA, and deferred lighting.

Long story short, trying to use < or > to state graphically superiority is nearly impossible.