Homefront - Play Date (Gameplay video with commentary)

The guys at sit down and play some Homefront on Xbox 360. We check out some of the single player campaign, and we try to also get some multiplayer in.

Play Date is a feature on where we sit down with a game and provide commentary while playing.

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TWIXMIX2346d ago

We actually got a video out around release! Enjoy it everyone.

Mattstones2346d ago

Not sure about this game, single player seems kind of meh.

tinydancer2346d ago

Ya, it kind of reminds me of Call of Duty from what I've seen so far. I'll definitely check this video out though.

MountainMaverick2346d ago

Good stuff guys. Keep it up!

sikker442345d ago

cant wait to buy the ps3 version. but i love shooters and i just bought killzone 3. DAMN RECESSION!@

TWIXMIX2345d ago

Haha, they both have their own pros and cons I guess.