Dissidia Duodecim Prologus Hits EU PSN Next Week

TSA writes:

"Though our North American brethren got it this week, Square Enix haven’t forgotten about their European fans. Posting over on the Square Enix Members site, Rob Rutter states:

I can confirm today that this [Dissidia duodecim prologus] will be releasing here on PlayStation Store next week (23rd March 2011) for a price of €2.99.

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bask_in_glory2654d ago

Good to see the PSP is still getting some decent titles before it gets put out under the 3DS/NGP rivalry.

Pozzle2654d ago

Square Enix, why are your game titles becoming more and more pretentious? What's wrong with just calling your game "Dissidia: Prologue"?

Redempteur2654d ago

because they already used latin once , why not bother twice ?

shadokid2654d ago

hope theres a demo that comes with this to!

shadokid2653d ago

oh never realised especiaaly that u have to pay :/

Ddouble2652d ago

Yea it's because you get the free aerith assist to use in the full game so your basically paying for the assist.

Ddouble2653d ago

Makes no sense for it to come out 2 days before the official game comes out.