Ubisoft Pirates Their Own Music…?

GameBlurb writes, "Considering the pretty strident DRM measures that Ubisoft has taken to prevent theft of their software, perhaps someone should have gone the extra step to do things the right way?"

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jaidek2679d ago

Hmm...does the DRM law even apply to them in this case? They are the owners of the original content, surely they can obtain the audio in any way they want.

branchedout2679d ago

I think the law still applies, but it's up to Ubisoft to take action..... against itself.

But that's my extremely (read: very) limited law knowledge. It's moreso a guess, really.

gameseveryday2679d ago


I mean wasnt this not allowed?

Kiroe2679d ago

This reminds me of when Capcom took the IGN Okami image and used it for the retail cover art. Amazing.

somethingstrang2679d ago

Why is this surprising? A developer puts on DRM software to protect their investment and prevent money loss. Pirating obviously has many advantages and very few disadvantages. Ubisoft is not anti-piracy, it's anti-loss of investment

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