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bask_in_glory2382d ago

Looking sweet, I have to say.

Istanbull2382d ago

Wow looks amazing! The graphics have evolved since the last time we've seen them in 2009!

sikbeta2382d ago

looks Beautiful! I can't wait for this masterpiece.

_Q_2382d ago

Dying for this game right now...

Simco8762382d ago

Looking forward to looking at this game at E3, hopefully they release SotC/ICO collection to hold me over till Fall!

Bigbangbing2382d ago

Those aren't new at all..

pecorre2382d ago

Breaking news:
Man Walks on the Moon

Arkham2382d ago (Edited 2382d ago )

These are "new" in the same way buying a second copy of Borderlands means I have a "new" Borderlands.

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