9.0 - Crysis 2 Review

Crytek's scorching sequel is a study in good design combined with beautiful graphics. We have shot our way through Crysis 2 to give you a comprehensive review ...

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xtremegamerage2655d ago

Weak story, sleepy and cliche-filled dialogue.



Just goes to show, when it comes to FPS. Stories do not matter, unless it is PS3 exclusive, then deduct points as you see fit.

BeastlyRig2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Im glade you played it already!!

BK-2012654d ago

He easily could've with the dev leak fiasco. I played the full SP and it was pretty good but not a 9.

Pixelated_Army2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

How to fix framerate issues and reduce visual artifacts in Cry2 demo

In the display settings on your PS3 config it to output to 720p now go into the setting in Cry2 and turn the brightness down to zero. Also make sure RGB is set to full and Super White is set to on.

And that's it! :)

-Alpha2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Stunning graphics, great sound, intense action, great tempo fluctuations, brazen weapons, varied environments, brilliant multiplayer

Those played a role in the 9/10. Perhaps the 1 mark was taken off because of the cons.

And the site gave K3 a 9/10 too

Xfanboy2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

"Weak story, sleepy and cliche-filled dialogue.
Add some call of duty run & gun.




LightofDarkness2654d ago

There's a very distinct disparity between quality of gameplay and narrative. Doom has a shitty story, and yet I can't help playing it over, and over, and over again.

Honestly, if a game is clearly relying on it's narrative to forward it's gameplay, then the gameplay isn't good enough on it's own.

trancefreak2654d ago

crysis is my type of game so it is a purchase to me.

As for my pre ordered ps3 version Im not sure about the final outcome but im defintally getting the pc version.

Nobody touches the 360 since reach but im bout to change that when forza and gears come to it.

starchild2654d ago

Just because a reviewer uses the words "weak story" doesn't mean that all weak stories are equal. It also doesn't tell you how that one negative weighs against all the other elements of a game.

Let's take an example. Game A and game B could both have weak stories, but game A's story is still stronger than game B's story and game A also has more enjoyable gameplay, a better soundtrack, better graphics, and so on. The point being, just because two different games might be said to have weak narratives doesn't mean that the two games should get the same score.

Anyway, all you have been on a hate campaign against Crysis 2, but this makes the fifth score at 9 and one at 8.5 All signs are pointing to it being a really great game.

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gorebago2654d ago

After homefront got glowing early reviews, i'm going to wait on this one until real gamers give their input - at least we got a demo with this game

joab7772654d ago

Thank u for this. I pre ordered and paid for it for the package but its good to know that the campaign is solid. I must say that I tried to play on ps3 but couldn't connect. On Xbox, i got on in 1 minute. After playing though, all i determined is that killzone 3 MP is frigging phenomonal. I was looking forward to homefront and crysis 2, but now i guess its a crysis 2 single player campaign and back to k3. And...after black Ops for the ps3, i am breaking a promise to myself, that i would never allow myself to buy an inferior version again. To make matters worse, crytek is known for graphics but couldn't find the courage to tackle the ps3. My gosh, guerilla makes it look easy. How flipping unmitigated are these guys. Graphics are what u are known for. I may b wrong, but given the mediocrity of the graphical settings on PC, due to crysis 1 debacle, it probably could have looked just as good on PlayStation. No, now i have convinced myself. I am sticking to my guns...i may get it, but when it costs me $30. I am not giving crytek, activision or anyone my money for an inferior product on a machine that has proven what it can do. I am no fanboy, but my friends play fps's on ps3, so i give in or play alone on thanks. By the way, i am playing DA2 on the 360. Put all prejudice aside and imagine this...u have two consoles, each good at something. A new game is coming out that is known for being one of the best at something...that console b is also great at. But instead of using console B's strengths, it settles for easy. It has nothing to do with the name on the console. I am the consumer who shells out hard earned cash; i want the best experience possible. We are allowing these companies to work just as hard as they need to. I am saddened that exclusivity is vanishing...but its exclusivity that has made it impossible for so many to play k3, THE MP shooter right now to play. That and Sony's disappearing act as far as advertising goes. Anyway, ill probably change my mind cuz I'm a sucker, but i am angry and so very disappointed.

Krugsy2654d ago

I still dunno about this, the MP demo left me kind of disappointed. The sound and graphics left a lot to be desired. However, the gameplay wasn't too bad and the Nano suits are pretty cool. I would have preferred a SP demo to be honest.