Guerrilla Geek: Dragon Age 2 Review

Guerrilla Geek's own Carl Watkins wasn't planning on writing a review for Dragon Age 2, but once he started reading what the critics were saying about it he felt he had no choice. Check out what a long time RPG fan and PC Gamer had to say about Bioware's newest title.

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dc12533d ago

Good review from a fellow believer of the best qualities of Bioware.
Looking forward to Dragon Age 3 (Redemption).

crwatkins2533d ago

Thanks! I was really let down, but like you will be lining up for Dragon Age 3. I just hope the next one doesn't feel like a console port when I play it on my PC...

dc12532d ago

Note that I played DAO and Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 and loved it. PC and Console ports do not have to mutually exclusive. It can work.
However, I played all of the Elder Scrolls titles on PC –Really cant wait for that release.