Homefront Already on Sale for $41.96

The first of the Homefront sales has already begun. Amazon matched Walmart's sale of the brand new game (released 3/15/11), and briefly kept the $15 Amazon games credit. Sadly the credit has been pulled. Early reports are saying that the single player campaign is only around four hours, but the multiplayer has the potential for lasting appeal. Quantities are most likely limited, so you may want to jump on this if you are interested.

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CrimsonEngage2560d ago

Who cares? Isn't crisis 2 going to be on sale for even cheaper? (I seen this somewhere) and that game isn't even out yet!

red2tango2560d ago

have you seen Crysis 2 gameplay? extremely boring. buying games at 59.99 has to stop. i used to do it but it just isn't worth it and it pressures stores to lower the price.

CrimsonEngage2560d ago

Yea, i have the PC demo. It's ok but not as good as Homefront imo. It's got nice graphics but the gameplay just isn't for me. :3

dkgshiz2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Indeed my main man. I thought I was going to be buying virtually every decent title that came out this year. I'm just renting majority of the games that have come out. So far this year I bought Dragon Age 2,LBP2,and KZ3. Next up is Socom 4 and LA Noire. I probably will get PS Move Heros. I rented Homefront. I beat the SP campaign in 3 hours. It was the shortest I've ever played. When you see the Golden Gate bridge its going to be over in 15 min.

plb2560d ago

Crysis has a way big following than this game.

dkgshiz2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Not really. The first one pretty much bombed. Mostly due to the fact you needed god like hardware at the time to run it. Nobody wanted to fork out $2000 for a $50 game.

wwm0nkey2559d ago

lol the first one didn't bomb in total it has gotten 2million in sales and that doesnt included warhead.

thriftynerd2560d ago

Homefront is more of a squad based game, and Crysis is more of a lone wolf type thing. It's depends on your preference!

Blaze9292559d ago

are you kidding me? I JUST bought this shit yesterday from amazon! And they dont do price protection. assholes

Blaze9292559d ago

haha complained and they gave me the price difference. MAN i love amazon!

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ps3alldayeveryday2560d ago

Dang! At this rate I bet it will go 30 bucks within a month, then I'll buy it. :)

ddurand12560d ago

mid range price for a mid range title.

sucks for those that fell for the hype.

Grimhammer002560d ago

Homefront is really good guys. I powertraded to it.
It's cod meets bc2. But more vehicles, better perks...tons of unlocks!
Gun camo, tons of scopes.

Sure up close textures blow & it's not innovative.
But the hit detection is solid. Framerate, screen tearing all good.

thriftynerd2560d ago

I hear the multiplayer is fun, that is what I would like to check out.

DarkTower8052559d ago

Even if the mp is good, its still not innovative enough to warrant a purchase, especially with the lack of game types. It doesn't offer enough to get someone to ditch Killzone, Battlefield or COD.

From a 3-4 hour campaign to the lacking mp, it makes no sense for me to buy this, even at $42. The devs should have made a solid 8-10 hour campaign, that would have given this game much more respect. Too many titles jumping on the FPS mp bandwagon.

acemonkey2559d ago

this should be a $30 game.

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