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The presence of genuinely helpful NPC partners are a luxury that only modern gamers have been able to enjoy. To receive actual tangible help from a character who you do not directly control is something that we take for granted. It seems like only yesterday we were treating our televisions to a fury of profanities and insults as Slippy jumped onto the communication channel to yet again provide absolutely no support whatsoever.

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SeraphimBlade2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I'm pretty sure it was "Argo" and wander. That said,

who else remembers seeing him fall on the way to the last colossus and thinking "Not Argo! There is no way that this game can possibly get any more sad!"

I'm playing The World Ends With You right now, and it has a lot of great examples.

distorted_reality2623d ago

What about Guybrush and Elaine?

TheAmericnDream2623d ago

Guybrush and Elaine would be a good choice, but Elaine doesn't really spend the game with Guybrush. She just pops up every now and then.

amlabella2623d ago

I can understand #6, but it just reminds me of how much I hate Rico from Killzone lol. Other than that great choices, Gordon and Alyx would probably be my personal #1.

italianbreadman2623d ago

Agro is such a good choice. I love that horse.