Mana Pool's Best PC Games of 2010

What are some of the Best PC Games in 2010? This is a question that many gamers ask in order to determine their next purchase. Here’s Mana Pool's take on some of the essential games that came out in 2010.

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s45gr322678d ago

no starcraft 2 blasphemy

EvilTactician2678d ago

I don't like Starcraft 2 and the team member who played it didn't think it was that good. The map sharing difficulties made it far less good than it could have been. Each to their own.

therapist2678d ago

Starcraft 2 is the best game made in 5 years, though oblivion and demons souls are close, those 3 games are in a league of their own, all 3 perfect 10's to me!!

Everything else is a 9 or less