Bethesda: people who say graphics don't matter are "lying"

OXM UK: Pete Hines insists that strong visuals are good both for "immersion" and marketing.

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teething2657d ago

He has a lot of good points about graphics. It really is a great marketing tool, and gameplay and story being equal, everyone would prefer better graphics to not.

The trinity of any good game:
1. Gameplay (is it fun?)
2. Graphics
3. Story

Focker4202657d ago

I think its a little give and take of everything. If the game has poor gameplay it had better have a excellent story. If the story is lacking then it had better have really fun gameplay.

But with graphics alone it can't really save a game. There has to be some good elements of story and/or gameplay. Otherwise the graphics don't mean anything.

I'd say graphics are low on the list of priorities, but I always wish for better graphics. Everyone does.

vsr2657d ago

100% agreed on Bethesda! Otherwise people will still play PS2.

This gen gave importance to graphics such as U2 /GT5 /GOW3 / KZ3 ...etc

zootang2657d ago


A lot of people still play PS2. I still like good graphics though, it pushes the industry forward as oppossed to doing same old unreal engine graphics.

DatNJDom812657d ago

So bethesda basically is saying that xbox fangirls are lying? Oh oh......

I agree with the trinity that teething posted. except I would tie story and gfx.

gaffyh2657d ago

I actually prefer:

1. Story
2. Gameplay
3. Graphics

That doesn't mean to say I don't like good graphics. That is part of the reason why you are first wowed by a game, if it looks bad, you most likely won't want to buy it.

gamingdroid2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

I actually prefer:

1. gameplay
2. story
3. art direction
4. graphics

I spend the most time during game play, so I demand a pleasurable experience. For story, I could read a book or watch a movie, but it's nice in a game. Graphics? Never stopped me from playing Nintendo DS games and PS2 games this generation, so why care now?

Graphics certainly adds, but is rarely if ever a detractor.

TheGreenMan2656d ago

Gamingdroid - you nailed it. I think art direction trumps graphics everytime. My question is, where are all the games with unique art direction this gen? Many people disgaree with me, but I think consistently choosing photo-realism as a template for art direction is a bad idea; yet it seems that's exactly what most developers are doing right now. To me, it seems like gamers have a choice between photo-realism and anime art direction right now (especially in RPGs). I hope developers realize that they are limited only by their creativity when it comes to art direction. Bring on the next Okami or Ico...I think we're ready for it!

Still, there are some games that give me hope (e.g. Limbo, Journey, Last Guardian, and a few others)

ButterToast2652d ago


I still play PS1/PS2/GC/SNES/NES/etc. games. graphics are low on the priority list. I'm replaying Xenogears right now and after that I'm going to replay Parasite Eve. I plan on playing Okami(PS2) as well as Fatal frame 1 & 2. I also feel that if you go back and play many of the gems of previous generations you'll find level design to be mostly better they're generally more fun, more open, and more interesting.

As others have said good graphics aren't so much important as good art direction. I also feel that more realistic graphics can also be more limiting. as with more realistic graphics I expect many other things to be more realistic and am more critical of inconsistencies between my expectations and the actual game.

I'm not saying good graphics are bad (I like pretty things), but that there are far more important things to focus on. Hell I've had more fun playing minecraft than I have had playing most "AAA games." so really I'd say game play, level design, story, and art direction are all more important than graphics.

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GrieverSoul2657d ago

Touché my friend... touché...

Tommykrem2657d ago

Just because graphics matter doesn't mean all games need it. Graphics play a major role in most first person shooters and not to mention games with a heavy emphasis on acting performance such as Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4 because these games need graphics to create immersion. So goes for Elder Scrolls. Don't tell me you'll go back to daggerfall after skyrim.

Some games age and some games don't. Minecraft, Tetris and I think LittleBigPlanet as well won't age as fast as graphically dependent games such as the ones mentioned earlier.

malamdra2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

graphics are what makes console generations to happen

only 360 fanboys say that that graphics don't matter, same as they do with exclusives, and every other area where the 360 sucks

but of course graphics were paramount for the 360 fanboys in 2006 when the first Gears came out, then uncharted/killzone/metal gear/god of war happened so graphics stopped being important

GrieverSoul2657d ago

i hate repeating myself but:

Touché my friend... touché...

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Vorgier2656d ago

I'd stick story in front of graphics.

schlanz2656d ago

Depends on the game I think.

Graphics do matter, but art style matters as much or even more and can compensate for weaker graphics.

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christheredhead2657d ago

i mean graphics matter of course. im in the minority though when i can honestly say i dont care or they dont matter to me. immersion or not, i just want to play a good game. great visuals are a plus but have never or will never be a reason i purchase a game or want to play a game. its a big deal for 99% of gamers and is a great way to market and sell a game but at the end of the day i could care less. i can appreciate great outstanding visual masterpieces but it has no connection or selling point for me other than just looking good. once i realize that a game is well made, fun, has great content, and technically strong, thats when i take a moment to appreciate the great job the visuals do to elevate the experience. its never the other way around. gameplay first then graphics second. if the first part isn't there then the rest of the game falls through.

i have no doubt skyrim will be a great game as thats not directed towards the game itself. im just saying that you can have great visuals all day but if i have nothing to play then looking pretty can only go so far.

SockMaster2657d ago

I like good graphics, but gameplay and story is a must for me, graphics are just the cherry on top really...

PS3Freak2657d ago

Wouldn't you be pissed if there was no Cherry on top of your sundae?

SockMaster2656d ago

Dude...Dont joke about things like that!

JaggedCarpet2657d ago

I wholeheartedly agree with your statement. Graphics are important, of course, but without good gameplay and story, the game, regardless of graphics, usually isn't very good. Just look at Final Fantasy XIV.

Stealth20k2657d ago (Edited 2657d ago )

graphics are the least important part of making a game.

Gameplay being the most important. But I wouldnt expect bethesda to understand since they reuse the same broken single player action gameplay in every game

chase1672657d ago

thank you
graphics are important too

theonlylolking2656d ago

Yup, gameplay and graphics are need. They each have there own.

With just this statement I might just forgive bethesda for somethings they have done.

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