GRTV: First 10 minutes of Playstation Move Heroes

GRTV have released a video with the first 10 minutes of gameplay from Playstation Move Heroes on PS3.

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FailOverHero2679d ago

Way to not promote your game Sony. Say what you will about MS, at least they know the importance of proper marketing and how to get their games into peoples consoles

MiloGarret2679d ago

Oh Jak and Daxter, what have they done to you?

HeavenlySnipes2679d ago

the demo was really shit. Its not even 1:1 for the whip gameplay.

They should of made it an adventure game where you can switch between characters to utilize there abilities. Sly for sneaking parts and we actually get to fight with his cane in 1:1 motion, Rachet and Clank with their guns and 1:1 with Ratchet's wrench, and Jak with his guns and super human abilities.

The game as it is is just some kiddy minigame that I'd expect from Nintendo. First Crytek trolled me with the shitty Crysis 2 demo then PS destroys my image of Sly, Jak and Ratchet with this.