Activision's Wipeout Plans to Give Kinect Big Red Balls

"Activision and ABC Entertainment Group today announced that Wipeout In the Zone is coming this summer to Kinect, controller-free games and entertainment, for Xbox 360. Based on the ABC hit show Wipeout, Wipeout In the Zone will be the latest release in this hit video game franchise and will have players running, ducking, dodging and wiping out using Kinect for Xbox 360's full-motion capabilities right in their own living room."

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vgn242559d ago

Points for stupidest title of the year to make me literally laugh. Besides the balls reference, very little chance I'd check this out even if I had Kinect.

zootang2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Can Sony not sue? Wipeout is clealy a Sony brand and this sounds like a spin off, of that title. When I saw the title I thought Wipeout went multi!?

VG_Releaser2559d ago

What? Wipeout is owned by Freemantle and ABC. this is a spin-off of a Wii game. you talking about that antique racing game from FOREVER ago?

If so, that appeared on N64. duh

charlescox42559d ago

WipeOut (the racing franchise) has appeared on SEGA Saturn, Nintendo 64, Windows PC, Mac, Amiga.

This isn't that "wipeout", but you might want to look up the history of that one so you don't look silly again. Because it was multi-platform.

vgchica2559d ago

I have Wipeout on the Wii. It's basically just a bunch of of mini-games with the wipeout name slapped on it as an excuse to sell. Hopefully this Kinect title doesn't end up being more shovelware.

GunShotEddy2559d ago

Better than a game giving you blue balls. lol

Simco8762559d ago

First off MXC > Wipeout, second this game is going to blow. But it being on Kinect, it might have a chance.

DlocDaBudSmoka2559d ago

if anyone has ever watched this show, the first question should be. how is this going to work? in the actual show they have to dodge obstacles. i dont understnad how this would work for kinect, or as a video game in general.

vgn242559d ago

The first answer would be "Have you played Kinect Sports?". That game is almost Wipeout. You dodge and jump all over the place. lol, that's basically Kinect.

DlocDaBudSmoka2558d ago

glad to see you made my point. ok tell me how you could use kinect to stay atop of a platform that rotates end over end?

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