Tsunami Victims Need Food, Refuse To Touch "Tales of Graces F" Curry?

With the blackouts and worries over aftershocks, folks in Japan have been loading up on food. Nobody, it seems, is supposedly loading up on Tales of Graces F curry.

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VenomProject2557d ago

That is just...hilarious.

Corepred42557d ago

I bet you it was gone before this story was posted though. Somebody is going to take it or risk starving. It is funny though and whatever company makes that stuff should stop manufacturing it immediately! lol

beeeffess2557d ago

Would you eat Crysis brand hotdogs?

Vorgier2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

If the hotdogs were wrapped in edible hotdog fitted nano-suits. Yes. Yes I would.

SuperSaiyan42557d ago

The link doesn't even take you the article..

ChronoJoe2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

It does. If you live in America. If not it redirects to etc and the link becomes broken as it can't find the article, just puts you on the front page.

It's kotakus fault. Broken website. Happens on all there articles for me.

dead_eye2557d ago

yeah I always have to click the link twice to get to the right page.

Broken website is broken

2v12557d ago

i recomend dont go in kotaku or your pc will by attacked by some kind of viruz, i just came back from ther and had my pc attacked.

SuperSaiyan42557d ago

I've been to that website many times it doesnt give you any virus. Its your own fault for not having a decent anti virus protector and malware/adware remover.

I recommend getting Avast for your anti virus it's free and superb. For malware/adware get Spybot Search and destroy another great free program ^_^