Is The Riddler Arkham City’s Scarecrow?

A riddle from the past: Why would a Batman game called Arkham Asylum have a few excellent hallucinatory levels triggered by the release of the Scarecrow's fear gas that would let players briefly control a Batman transported into a world of nightmares?

Is The Riddler Arkham City's Scarecrow?A riddle, thought to be a question, asked by me to an Arkham City developer after he showed us that green-tinged trailer: do you guys mean to imply that the Riddler is Arkham City's Scarecrow?

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The Matrix2503d ago

I could see the entire game turning out to be a riddle set up by the riddler. That could be cool.

NukaCola2503d ago

Or giving the Riddler is own side mission that is very long and consists of puzzles and clues on their own. But I want a crap ton of stuff to collect still.

waltyftm2503d ago

I dont think the main game will have much to do with the Riddler, Probably just side/optional quests, Loved trying to arrange all the symbols(?)in the first game, Finding all the little clues and stone things was awesome too, hope they include twice as much secret stuff in this.