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FAGOL2625d ago

Hmm I wonder if I can drop a piano on someone like in Blood Money.

I put on my robe and wizard hat.

Chubear2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

They better not even think of the word "reboot" and give 47 a bow tie, leather pants, stupid whining 20yr old nerd voice and a gaddamned emo pink mohawk.

They'd better not skimp on animations or graphics or script writing or voice acting and pull a bloody Kane n' Lynch. They'd better not latch on a crap arsed MP just to have that as a bullet point for marketing and show clips of calling in air strikes after a 3kill streak.

When I see the crap great franchises of the past have had to go through this gen all in the name of pleasing the casuals and newage gamers that want little to no challenge, I'm afraid for this great franchise. With Square Enix now owing this IP, my fear meter is at it's breaking point for sure.

This franchise deserves respect and not to be dumbed down but show true forward progression in everything that made the hitman series superb.

Don't f*ck this up IO/SE or else... *in voice of Benicio Deltoro* I will stalk you; I WILL STALK ALL OF YOU!

limewax2625d ago

As long as it runs in all consoles not just selected ones from the same manufacturer.

Was fuming when I found my copy could not play on my xbox. Kept the game through 3 replacements and still never found one that would run it. Never expected that problem from a game before

slate912625d ago

I hope this is true. A new hitman would be ground breaking right about now.

2625d ago
MrBeatdown2625d ago

I'd love a new Hitman, but after the Kane & Lynch trainwreck, I wonder if IO has what it takes to bring the franchise up to current-gen standards.

TABSF2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Yeah Kane & Lynch are fun but compared to their previous work just shockingly horrific.

Mini Ninjas was a disaster also.

Hitman 5 this year would be insane and would easily challenge my most anticipated games Skyrim and Arkham City.

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The story is too old to be commented.