Xbox 360 vs PS3: Which is closer to maxing out?

What does maxing out a console really mean? Is the 360 maxed out yet? How about the PS3? Now on to my point: Have you noticed that every year some game developer announces that their upcoming game has "maxed out the console," yet games continue to look and perform better every year? It doesn't make much sense, we can agree on that. Still, such comments never fail to get gamers into a feeding frenzy. It works. But wait a minute! Didn't they say the same thing a year ago? To help address my questions, here is an old, well used, yet great quote by Naughty Dog:

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talltony2655d ago

This is a great article, and really hit the nail on the head with what I have been saying for a while. Just read it, it makes perfect sense.

Drekken2655d ago

We havent seen graphical improvements on the 360 since GeOW2. Please explain to me how this article is even relevant.

360 has plateaued. The Ps3 is still releasing games with improved graphics PLUS adding 3D. I don't have to read the article (even though I did) to know the answer.

The-Tentacle2655d ago

You're actually right, there hasn't been any true graphical leaps on the xbox since gears 2. Gears 3 might surprise us but from the screens I've seen it looks better but not a massive difference tbh.

Nope I'm still thinking of a game on 360 that has improved graphics but I can't think of any, someone help me out here. There must be something, gears 2 was like 3 year ago!

AAACE52655d ago

I'm going to approve this because it's a good read and I just can't help but wonder how many people will comment just on the title alone!

paintsville2655d ago

I stopped reading at the "here's a quote from Naughty Dog". So here we have an article about which system is reaching it's limits and we're getting quotes from Sony's #1 in house, Sony funded, Sony owned, developer????? Uhh hello?
All I have to say is that historically ps3 is already suffering from stuttering frame rates, reduced resolutions, dialed back special effects, torn frames, and exceeding long delays and development times followed by patch after patch after patch, oh and lets not forget "mandatory installs". That's not to say that 360 is perfect, it isn't by any means. But historically the ps3 suffers from the aforementioned problems much more often than 360. I know i'll get bombared with disagrees (just defending your system...I have a ps3 too.) and I'll get the usual replies of exclusives this and exclusives that, or developers this and developers that. But the record is the record. I myself love ps3 exclusive software and am impatiently awaiting "The Last Guardian", but what I said is still true. Go research it for yourself. Articles like this just are flamebait anyway.

claterz2655d ago

Paintsville, why wouldn't you use a quote from a first party sony studio? it shows that the more developers play around with the PS3, the more they get out of it. Would you rather get the opinion of third party developers who do crappy ports to the PS3?

starchild2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

The 360 has had fewer top developers really pushing to max out its potential than the PS3 has had. Anybody can surely see that.

The only developer really pushing graphics on the 360 in the past are Epic and Remedy, and even they are using multiplatform engines to do it. Still, Gears of War 3 looks fantastic and easily as good as anything I have seen on the PS3. Definitely a good sized leap over Gears 2.

Alan Wake also looks exceptional, but I think they need to optimize their engine a little more for the 360 (it started out as PC focused game) and that will help them reach an even higher level.

Crytek's 360 exclusive, Project Kingdoms, will still be made using a multiplatform engine, but I am willing to bet that it will be some of the best graphics available on consoles.

Rhythmattic2655d ago


Stop your hating..

Read the article, as the quote is not developer specific nor platform specific..... its the best damn analogy i've read.

MaxXAttaxX2654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

Did you EVEN BOTHER to read Naughty Dog's quote before passing judgement???

Oh and thanks for you highly irrelevant post.
I too can make negative things up and use them as an false example to generalize all 360 games.
But I won't.

Don't push it.
Gears of War 3 is barely up there with Uncharted 2 graphically.
The main difference between Gears 2 and 3 is the slightly brighter lighting they're using this time around and a somewhat different color-scheme.

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DrHouse2655d ago

Neither is maxed out yet. We probably have to wait until the next-gen to see the current gen get maxed out.

claterz2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

The next gen of consoles shouldn't start until the current systems are maxed out, what would be the point in bringing out a new console when the old one still has a lot more to offer?

Mr Tretton2655d ago

Because new systems have a lot more to offer.

Bob5702655d ago

It's not that easy. It would take a lifetime for them to make it fully 100% optimized.

TABSF2655d ago

Well considering you never get a game on either platform at 1920 by 1080 with AA @ 60FPS Vsync I would say the consoles are already maxed out.

tonywood2655d ago

Of course the Xbox 360 is closer to maxing out. This is no shocker as the 360 came out before the PS3. Also, the PS3 is designed to go for 10+ years.....just like the PS1 & 2.

Max out or long as PC is still around, both consoles will look far behind in the graphics/physics argument. For the record, I still prefer gaming platforms cause of the ease of use and keep it real fanboys/'t not like PC is making PS3/360 look like Wii. (Nothing personal Nintendo, but your platform is a "Mid-Major", while PC, 360, and PS3 are in the BCS conference.)

redsquad2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

Why is a CRYSIS character being used to (presumably) represent the 360?

GodofSackboy2655d ago

Because they have no games so they need to use multiplat characters...:/

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