Epic: Samaritan a 'call to arms' for MS and Sony

Epic Games' Samaritan tech demo, which debuted at GDC 2011, certainly caused a bit of a stir on the internet, but Gears of War executive producer Rod Fergusson has said it was a message for console manufacturers to "suck it up" and be ambitious with the next generation of consoles.

Speaking with, Fergusson reflected on what the stunning tech demo was supposed to accomplish. "The Samaritan demo was a call to arms for the manufacturers out there. It was to say this is where we think next gen gaming is going."

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teething2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I also think that Epic knows console updates are on the way over the next two years... so they are publicly advertising their wares so that other developers will want their engine, and pay to source it out for next gen. $$$ for Epic.

Recent Cryengine 3, and frostbite 2.0 offerings are accomplishing similar goals.

I expect next gen within 2 years.

Focker4202407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

I think its funny that thay are hyping up a CGI trailer. PS3 already proved that it can match that quality of CGI with FFXIII. I thought the majority of the cutscenes in FFXIII looked wayyy better than the Unreal Engine trailer.

Implement that engine into actual gameplay and then we'll start talking, because so far the PS3 is already capable of high quality CGI.

cakeisalie2407d ago

Can we stop getting excited over 6yr old tech. It was outdated before it even released.

"Back when Sony announced the specifications of the PlayStation 3, everyone asked if it meant the end of PC gaming. After all Cell looked very strong and NVIDIA's RSX GPU had tremendous power. We asked NVIDIA how long it would take until we saw a GPU faster than the RSX. Their answer: by the time the PS3 ships. So congratulations to NVIDIA for making the PS3 obsolete before it ever shipped, as G80 is truly a beast. "

Fishy Fingers2407d ago

CGI? The demo was run in real-time using the Unreal Engine 3, admittidly using a beast of a PC (tri SLI GTX580 I beieve).

So, not sure why your comparing it to pure cutscenes.

Active Reload2407d ago

Seems to me there's some monopolizing intended in all of this. Epic is letting devs know that they have a powerful engine ready for them whenever MS, Sony or Nintendo(?) release new hardware. It would all be seemingly "gravy" for Epic. The problem is, some devs/pubs might not really care for the Unreal Engine and would like to build their own tech. Part of THAT problem, is cost being so high. I think Epic knows that it would be financial suicide for devs if new consoles to come out. But I haven't heard any devs speak out against bringing new hardware out.

Istanbull2407d ago

I wasn't really impressed by the demo. Unreal Engine this generation got boring 3 years ago. There is no optimalization, UE games from 3 years ago are still looking the same.

I compared Heavenly Sword and Enslaved(same company) and I wasn't even suprized that Heavenly Sword looked 5 times better than Enslaved.

Reibooi2407d ago

So they want MS and Sony to be ambitious with the next consoles? Well then I would not use their tech demo as a goal. That Tech demo isn't even what I would have thought in my head to be Next Gen. It's pretty and all but it's the same OH TEH MOAR SHINY TEH MORE REAL that alot of people hated about the Unreal Engine 3. It makes everything look shiny and plastic like.

Aiming big would be being able to have a console that could run a Engine capable of rendering graphics on par of that seen in the CGI scenes of the VS XIII trailer(I.E nearly photo realistic) Or for those who haven't seen that trailer a engine that could render stuff like that seen in The Old Republic CGI trailers. THAT would be next gen.

I don't want the next gen looking like UE3 2.0 it's one of the things that ruined this gen for me. Instead of the diverse array of graphics engines and art styles we got in the last gen(on all consoles even Xbox) We got a good 90% of the games running on the Ue3 engine(or something that looked like it) and as a result looking dull and gray and those that didn't were buggy messes because it really isn't that great a engine to begin with(even Epics own games have been loaded down with massive clipping bugs and collision detection bugs)

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BubbleSniper2407d ago

should more more of a wakeup call for ms

last gen dvd, no hdmi or wi-fi or card reader on day1.

it took PS3 to get ms to even budge with console update

an price cuts usually led by PS3.

face it, SONY pave the way for console and with online had to play catchup to ms including game library... now we in 2011 and SONY poised to surpass ms on all fronts... cept casual.

pewpewpew in.

Lirky2407d ago

Since gears franchise almost over, microsoft could get exclusive rights for the tech demo game.

Or Epic games could release their first ps3 exclusive using blu ray and ps3 specs to create this as a massive 1 disc experience.

limewax2407d ago

Or this engine will never run on current gen as it was shown.


Nolando2407d ago

PS3 is all powerful, if it werent for xbox its visuals would be photo realistic by now!



Active Reload2407d ago

I'm glad you placed that "/s" in the right spot, lol. You never know if people are serious around here, especially with a comment like that.

BlackKnight2407d ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuck, I hit disagree! I didn't see the /s. Ill make it up to you and give you a bubble, sorry!

It is literally that bad here where fanboys would totally post that.

Jocosta2407d ago

Damn, did not see th /s, heres a bubble.

plb2407d ago

Epic should take note from Dice. That Samaritan footage took a 3x video cards to run while BF3 footage takes one of that very same card. No way is any console going to have 3x video cards anytime soon..imagine the price.

Vermillion2407d ago

Actually, it could be run on a single GTX 560 Ti card.

It's also scalable all the way from mobile phone to the highest-end PC.

Christopher2407d ago

You should never get anything out of a Tech Demo other than the fact that within a controlled environment without any code elements that make games what they are as a whole you can make some pretty nice looking movies.

Honestly, the people aren't ready to pay the extra $20 per game just to see graphics they can get on a PC. Let alone the $600 it will cost to buy a machine specced out to perform as such.

It's easy to create a tech demo, Crytech has been doing it for years and has yet to make their games match up to their tech demos. What people want to see is a reasonably priced upgrade combined with games that aren't going to continue to increase in price due to increased effort on art asset creation and management rather than gameplay. Pushing out a tech demo and decrying what you demand of the console manufacturers is just a way of selling what you can do if given the earth, the sky, the sun, and the moon. Problem is, that's now how the real world works. Those graphics are possible on the PC because some people can afford all of it, but the majority of people can't and pay for something that gives them something they don't have to worry about putting more money into, just money towards video games.

AngryHippo2407d ago

Totally agree with you 'teething'. The new engines are starting to really show some incredible looking graphics. The next generation of consoles is going to start with some pretty awesome graphics engines for developers to really create fantastic games.

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