GR UK: Crysis 2 review

GR UK writes: "It is an urban jungle, and I instantly get a taste of the freedom I was promised. The difference is that tempo and the focus of the game are more cinematic and more choreographed than in the original. Large areas filled with potential are mixed with tighter, linear passages where the story gets more room. It's a natural evolution of Crytek's concept, yet just as entertaining as the previous."

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Andreas-Sword2655d ago

yeah.. Crysis 2 will be the best Multiplayer Shooter of 2011 ! :)


I really like it, but I wouldnt say that. Im waiting to see how BF3 turns out, to see if it is a proper core shooter either with a good skilled arcade shooting system or a realistic focus on combat.

Right now of what ive played this year Crysis 2 is easily the best.

Pixelated_Army2655d ago

Yeah I don't put much stock in the word of reviewers anymore.

MidnytRain2655d ago


I think the smartest thing to do is to take the content and facts of reviews and use it to help your decision. He mentions the kind of freedom you have and even gives an example of one of his own daring stunts. I hardly think he just made that up, so that kind of information can be used for our own benefit. The only things you should really ignore are words like "boring" because that kind of statement is an opinion and will vary from person to person.

Johandevries2655d ago

The visuals in the demo make me nauseous, I feared that before. Hope there is gonna be some modding love for this

plb2655d ago (Edited 2655d ago )

I hate the motion blur/bloom. I hope there is an option to disable that for PC version.

hennessey862655d ago

played the ps3 demo and omg is it bad. Its the jaggiest game ive ever seen.

vickysud2655d ago

agree with hennessey86 PS3 version is so bad very dissapointed with crytek and it takes forever to get into a game..bad textures low resolution lag..many faults are there and i hope retail version isnt like this :(

Danielmccue2654d ago

What are you guys talking about it looks fine to me.....

Maybe it's be because I game on a 19 inch tv

AngryHippo2655d ago

Day one for me, can't wait. I really enjoyed the MP demo, hoping the SP campaign is good too.

hot1112655d ago

SP is good,about 13 hours long,presumably on normal,nice

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