Famitsu software sales (3/7 – 3/13)

The latest software top ten sales estimates Famitsu have been released.

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macky3012622d ago

PSP is owning in Japan,..

StbI9902622d ago

You mean, ps brand is eating japan alive.

Still 3Ds get some huge hits UuU

Goeres2622d ago

One would think that 3ds would sell more, even thoguh it's not launch week.

Andreas-Sword2622d ago

Dynasty Warriors 7 sells in the first two days around 300.000 units.
DW7 will be the best DW ever.
for me, Day 1 buy!

Inception2622d ago

I thought 3DS will dominate software sales?!
and where is Wii? are people in japan already bored with this console?

btw good job for Sony. keep it up ^^