NextGN: Motorstorm: Apocalypse Review

NextGN writes: "Well, I will leave it at that. Motorstorm: Apocalypse is one hell of a racing game. It may disappoint some of the hardcore fans, but all in all it is definitely an improvement from the last. From the second you start racing you know it’s Motorstorm, so it remains true to its style. Evolution Studios took a risk that ended up paying off. Motorstorm: Apocalypse has taken pole position among my favorite racing games. Let’s just hope that the situation in Japan is cleared up soon enough so that Sony can release this bad boy. It’s a must buy."

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KillerCucumber2503d ago

Can't wait to pick this one up! Apocalyptic racer? Hell yes!

Kitchen_Sink2503d ago

9.0? :D

It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine. :)

SnakeMustDie2502d ago

Just downloaded and played the demo recently. Had a lot of fun even though it's just one track with only two selection of vehicles. I will probably buy it when the price goes down.

NukaCola2502d ago

Demo is of the first level, so there is basically nothing going on and it's still really cool. I can't wait to see what the races end up like. The chaos seems to be really crazy.