JP PlayStation Store Update for October 4, 2007

Onaxis writes: "The update for the Japanese PlayStation Store for October 4, 2007 has gone live. View the update below".


* Go! Sports Ski


* Agarest Senki demo

Downloadable Content

* Agarest Senki DLC

Game Videos

* Warhawk videos
* TGS 2007: Angel Love Online trailer
* TGS 2007: PixelJunk Racers trailer

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synce4091d ago

I noticed that new demo up there this morning. DL'ed it and found it was some crazy strategy game. Similar to Bladestorm, you should not download unless you know Japanese.

Ri0tSquad4091d ago

graphics look liked a beefed up ps1 game.

deifen4091d ago

so how come I still can't see the updates, huh?

Darkiewonder4091d ago

Kidding aside. this is the Japan PSN store.

The NA PSN Store isn't updated yet.

deifen4091d ago

lol I wondered if that was the case, it just seems that every thursday a new demo awaits. I guess today this is not the case.....:(

Darkiewonder4091d ago

That's my bet.

But if that's not it. I don't know WHY Sony hasn't updated yet. They better throw in some PS1 games for this long delay O.o

TruthBTold4091d ago

not able to get anything new on the PS store? I just want to be sure I'm not the only one.

wolfehound224091d ago

Ya i still haven't got any updates yet on the NA psn i thought i would come on here and see who else was having problems.