Gears 3 multiplayer to focus on accessibility

IncGamers writes: Gears of War 3 Executive Producer Rod Fergusson explains the focus of multiplayer is to "get more people in" and to "keep them in".

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the-thing-that-is2683d ago

so long as i can still chainsaw and curb stomp i'm good

shadokid2683d ago

nah its all about the wall bouncing with the shotty.

earbus2683d ago

Sweet but what happened to the carmack article no trace of lol.

LoaMcLoa2683d ago (Edited 2683d ago )

In other words: they'll make it more like Call of Duty

Already got that XP popping up..

God damnit

the-thing-that-is2683d ago

It won't be anything like call of duty? How could it ever be like cod? Have you ever played a gears game?

shadokid2683d ago

its when you slide wall to wall shooting people or a person you can clutch a whole team doing it, ive done a few times in my gears history.

LoaMcLoa2683d ago

Yes, I have. But I'm not really talking gameplay wise.

As I mentioned, they already added the XP-based system, which is directly taken from COD, and that might not be something people really notice but it really pisses me off. And by "accessibility", I'm sure they are talking about easier killing and more noob-friendly controls just like COD.
Plus they added unlockables and medals..

Aarix2677d ago

They added team deathmatch and camo for your guns.
It'll never be cod (which I praise it for) but it will have similarities.

strawberry92683d ago

As long as they don't make the game noob friendly... Hardcore players are hardcore because they can be better than other games if they put in the time to play... No point in being hardcore if you're not going to be better. As long as Epic remembers that, this game will be good

8thnightvolley2683d ago

this is already set to be contender for best looking console game 2011 from what i hear it pulling some serious power underhood.

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