Oblivion's Horse Armour still sells today

OXM UK: According to Bethesda's Pete Hines, Oblivion's infamous DLC pack still sees sales.

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Neko_Mega2537d ago

Yeah right, that is way people rate it one star mostly and the number of people is less then the other add ons.

AssassinHD2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

It is hardly robbery. Consumers vote with their wallets, and by purchasing the DLC people are basically telling Bethesda that horse armor is something they want. Can you really fault a developer for giving it's customers what they want?

If people simply chose not to purchase the content then developers would get the message. Consumers only have themselves to blame. No one forced them to buy it.

If you did not purchase the content then nothing has been taken from you and you were given nothing. If you did purchase the content then you must have felt that it was worth the price.

The disagrees are just people who don't want to be accountable for their own decisions.

tda-danny2537d ago

Don't agree...

Just because I don't buy something, doesn't mean that I cannot view that product a rip-off.

Robbery might have been a poor word choice from the poster above you, but this DLC was a scam - no question.

For the record, I understand the stance you are taking, I just don't agree with it. The developer should be ashamed for selling 'horse armor' for $.99, when it could have just been given to people as a "thank you" for buying our game.

Same with the Capcom costumes for SF4. They play on the fanfare generated by their product to milk more money out of their fans. Items like these should be unlockables in the game, not 'pay to unlock' content.

lastdual2537d ago

A while back Bethesda did a special where all Oblivion DLC was half off, everything except for horse armor - that was double price :)

SuperSaiyan42537d ago

Err from what I remember it was 400msp when it first came out...Why would anyone complain about a measly 200msp?? That is like £1.50...So yeah I am pretty sure it was 400msp.

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The story is too old to be commented.