3DS demand lower than DS at launch?

NextGenRetro writes Just before launch in Japan rumors where everywhere that 3DS would be in short supply and preorders went through the roof. People hoping to make some easy money swooped in hoping to resell. Well its not working so well.

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Dorfdad2412d ago

Sadly this was not thought out well. While the 3D feature is a gimmic I already know people cancelling their pre-orders due to stories about people (kids) getting sick from playing the 3DS. No thank you I will go with the NGP this time..and live with the DSi

Venox20082412d ago

I'm getting it for games, not 3D...but sometimes I will turn it on :)

Tron_Rocks2412d ago

Price-tag way way too high
Game Selection or lack thereof
Gimmick 3d

This is where you fail 3DS

soren2412d ago

oh it fails yet its selling well? for one im pritty sure ppl wana be able to sell there dsi first and since the e store aint out yet they rather wait to get the 3ds until then so they can swap all there dsi games to the 3ds which is understandable and its still selling really good and for one kids should not even be buying this system any who for a person who says tron rocks when tron clearly sucks lol yeahh