Diehard GameFAN: Dead Space 2: Severed Review (360)

If anyone knows how to make the best of DLC content, it’s Electronic Arts. While some folks have taken umbrage with their DLC practices in some instances, the company sure does know how to get their people behind the idea of cranking out DLC for their games, keeping older games flush with content long after release and keeping fans coming back for more. Dead Space 2 is no exception, as EA and developer Visceral Games have already pushed several armor and weapon packs out the door to gamers from the day of release, and the game shows no signs of slowing down with the DLC any time soon. Dead Space 2: Severed marks the first attempt to provide actual additional content instead of just outfits and guns, as it’s a substory that has nothing to do with Isaac Clarke and his adventures whatsoever, giving players a new and different perspective on the events taking place on The Sprawl while Isaac does his business.

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