Full House Poker Review - ZTGD

John Dubya Writes: Ever since the launch of the 360, there has really only been one ‘go to’ option for gamers who wanted to get their virtual poker fix: Texas Hold ‘Em. It was a basic game, but did the job well and, for years, stood unopposed. Well, step aside, Texas Hold ‘Em, a new contender has entered the ring, and it’s a heavyweight.

Microsoft’s last release in their House Party promotion, Full House Poker, does for virtual poker games what Beyond Good & Evil HD did for old classics. Namely, taking a popular type of game and making it shine brighter than it has ever done before. I know I am waxing lyrical, but after playing several hours of the game in one sitting, I realised that my smile hadn’t left my face once!

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methodman782537d ago

Any news of winning actual prizes ?
this was touted as the replacement to 1 v's 100

Kran2536d ago

Hey John :D Great review :)