NGP To Be Priced At $250, But Also $350?

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku — Thanks to Sony Europe, we already know that there'll be two models of the NGP handheld. But a survey taken by some of our readers suggests the price difference between those models might be vast.

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sinncross2596d ago

Well, the premium does not only just include 3G, it also includes a couple of applications that aren't preloaded onto the wifi only model, and I think thats because these apps make use of the 3G.

Still, that is a quite a difference.. maybe it includes a game preloaded as well? Will have to wait for official Sony ruling on the matter.

MasFlowKiller2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

For $250 i would be first in line
hell even for $300

I dont care about 3G cause i have a Rooted 4G with free tethering

But $250 is a Steal

I got to play the 3DS at Pax last weekend(AND IT WAS THE SH!T) but if the NGP is $250, at least to me the 3DS would be a wait until is cheaper machine

I still want to get my hands on the NGP, compare it to the PSP 1. But damn $250 sounds like a fucking deal to me

DAMN am so hyped now, lol

Vojkan2596d ago

For 250, I am interested, otherwise...

Kain812596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

hope the 3G model(Premium Modell) has a build in harddrive

if not than i would buy the standart version

supremacy2596d ago

Same here, if the 3g model comes with an internal hard drive, than I wouldnt mind paying the extra money for the highend version. 32gbs of in ternal memory would be nice, but 16gb wouldn't hurt either.

Just_The_Truth2596d ago

yes must have an internal memory need room for music and movies

darthv722596d ago

if you can buy the 3g model without having to sign up for the service then im sold. Otherwise it will be the regular.

I'd like the option to use the service if i wanted to. I tried to get an iphone from att without buying into the data plan because the unit supports wifi. You dont need the data plan to make a call and you dont need the data plan to surf the web from a wifi hotspot but they dont sell it like that.

You are paying for the service as a whole. I hope sony doesnt partner with att if the 3g version requires activation when you buy it.

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Theonik2596d ago

$350 has GPS and 3G. Probably some other stuff bundled in or some 3G usage subsidised. That is if the pricing is accurate.

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ngecenk2596d ago

i'll get the 3G version, i hate bringing 2 gadgets

Just_The_Truth2596d ago (Edited 2596d ago )

with 3g it's has Gps and internet and with skype it's a cellphone and with android apps it can be so much more 3G will be worth it

plb2596d ago

I'll buy it for that price.

MrBeatdown2596d ago

At $250, I'd be pretty damn tempted, especially considering how long the PSP held it's price.

Stealth20k2596d ago

like gamestop says the lower model will be 299

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