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Alan takes a look at the death of the demo and how 'beta' has transformed into a consumer product.

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theonlylolking2682d ago

That is exactly the problem. People now do not treat a beta like a beta and demos are treated like the real product.

AAACE52682d ago

People treat them like they are suppose to! I got almost every beta last gen for the Ps2,Xbox and Gamecube. I treated it like I do these demos.

Fact is, the demo and beta usually aren't too far off from the final product!

The ugly fact we have to accept is, no matter how good a game looks in this gen... a lot of them just aren't as much fun as the games from the past! And that's the big difference!

It took me a while to ignore the graphics of some games and just judge them for what they are. But when I did, I realized we have a lot of sh*t games this gen! And no matter how much you hate those popular multi million sellers... the fact is, they give gamers the fun value they want!

OhMyGandhi2682d ago

uh oh, developers aren't making money when it comes to people playing a demo. But they'll find a way to say that if you buy another game by the same publisher, you'll get access to a "closed beta" which is by and large the most insulting thing to come around in the game industry.

when developers show off a game through a demo or open beta, and they are confident their game is at the very least decent, they WILL make money in the end.

Not to sound like a fanboy, because I'm not, I love my ps3 and 360 equally for different reasons, but that's one thing I love about xbox live. They have demos for nearly EVERY game out on their platform, and by playing it and determining it's value, I know better of what to expect without plunking down cash for a future rental or waiting for it to come in the mail.

ExitToExisT2682d ago

The term beta has lost its real meaning in the last few years..

Every game started to release a 'beta multiplayer' of a finished games , 15 days before the release and they use the excuse 'this is the beta version , thats why it sucks the actual game will be better'.
but guess what? It's the exactly same one.