$829 Hardcore Gaming PC Build That Plays It All

Normally we go for $400-$500 budget gaming PC builds, but this time, by popular demand, we put something together that is ten times as powerful for only a little bit more.

Having seen some amazing hardware at PAX East 2011, most of which we are still writing about (expect some case reviews and 3D technology information soon, too!), this PC build was much, much easier to plan. We actually revised the build post-PAX to implement some of the new products we heard about.

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Dylantalon12592d ago

how long before most parts are outdated where you need to buy new and expensive parts?

Pandamobile2592d ago

They last as long as you want them to. There's no expiry date on PC parts...

BloodyNapkin2591d ago

Thats funny i have a milkcrate full of old video cards that are not compatible with games.

Pandamobile2591d ago

Okay, fine but it usually takes a good 6-7 years before GPUs just stop getting supported.

evrfighter2591d ago

Nonsense, that would put them in line with consoles...unheard of. Can you still play your library of games with newer faster cards that put consoles to shame?

badz1492591d ago

but it sucks that less and less store are selling 2-3 years old card anymore, at least at where I live! I'm using a HD4850 and really love it but it really sucks when I can't find another 1 for xfire or simply wanting a better HD4870 but can't find any at local store where the cards should be pretty cheap now! always always newer and more expensive cards and those really annoying low end cards! if buying online, the cheaper price almost always reseted by the high shipping cost!

jidery2591d ago

@Panda: It only takes about 3-4 years until you can't run games maxed out anymore depending on the card you get. Then you have to slap down $200 or so if graphics mean everything to you. Thank god CPU's last longer.

@badz: buy from amazon, good prices with free shipping.

badz1492591d ago

no Amazon here, just eBay and some random online auction website and that's about it!

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Zashule2591d ago

About 24hrs after opening the box. Just plan ahead and you can keep the same general setup for around 7 years, with upgrading here and there. Now is a great time to jump as well, since they are phasing out the P4 style processors, and going with the "i series" style instead. That way you are able to upgrade with new components as needed until you hit the roof on that model, or until a different configuration comes out. I built my computer around 6 years ago, have just kept upgrading it as new technologies come out.

Lelldorianx2591d ago

They phased out P4s like 5 years ago... just sayin'

Zashule2591d ago

@Lelldorianx - I meant the LGA775 compatable boards, obviously I am not running a P4, now that LGA1156 is starting to be more common, it is a great time to upgrade!

I was generalizing because I assume that not everyone can understand the technical jargon like you can.

theonlylolking2591d ago

As long as you plan ahead and have enough knowledge of how the companies release the new tech then you can judge what and when to buy the right parts at the right time.

kaveti66162591d ago

people don't like to put in the effort to learn, man.

that's why consoles are so popular.

Biggest2591d ago

That, and many awesome games are only on consoles.

kaveti66162591d ago

There is nothing about consoles that makes them inherently good.

The exclusives are there because the companies that make the consoles also own the great developers.

That's good news for them and bad news for gamers.

Lelldorianx2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

@Dylantalon1 As stated thoroughly stated in the article, it could easily last 3-5 years if you treat it right. Remember to keep the fans clean, do some good cable management, and you'll be just fine.

gypsygib2591d ago

that's not selling PC gaming

Zashule2591d ago

Who pays $90 for a 1TB HDD anymore? You can pick them up for about $65 now. Or even spend $5 more and get a 1.5TB drive.

Lelldorianx2591d ago

Did you happen to look at the cache and the fact that it is SATA 6Gbp/s? The one you're talking about is a 32MB cache drive at SATA 3Gbp/s.

Zashule2591d ago (Edited 2591d ago )

64MB cache actually, (along with personal preference of SeaGate over WD) but 3Gbp/s yes, It is my understanding that a 7200rpm drive will rarely break the burst of 300MB cap of SATA 2.0, so unless you have a SSD, it doesn't do much good. I agree with the board being SATA3.0 compatable for future technologies.

Lelldorianx2591d ago

I personally prefer WD, but we all have our loyalties to different brands for different reasons. You're right about the gain being minimal, but when it comes down to something as uncontrollable as brand loyalty, go with what suits you.

Out of my own interest, can you provide a link to the drive you're talking about? I'd like to use it in my next build :)

Also, can you approve this story (if you haven't already)? Some guy keeps reporting it for no good reason...

LightofDarkness2591d ago

The SSD is the next major upgrade (for me, anyway). Waiting till the Vertex 3s drop in price, TRIM is no longer a concern with them.

wwm0nkey2591d ago

All I need to do is upgrade my Motherboard and CPU and I am good to go.

ScubaSteve12591d ago

i need a computer that can handle gaming and my animation stuf

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