Death By Robots - Feature: Leaving Early

Joe Dale @ DBR writes: It takes a lot to get me angry when playing online. I don’t mean shouting the odd swear word when you get killed straight after re-spawning, oh no. I mean ready to rip the throat out of the person who I was playing against. But I have been trying to play quite a bit of FIFA 11 and Fight Night Champion online recently, and I lost count of the amount of people disconnecting.

Now, disconnecting isn’t a massive issue in online shooters, as most of the time there are enough people in the game for it not to matter but when you are playing mano-a-mano (or womano-a-womano, I’m not Andy Gray) it is a huge problem. I’m sure those of you who have played a one on one game online have felt the same as me. Take a recent FIFA game for example: I was 3-0 up after about 35 minutes, at kick-off after the third goal nothing happens, the opposing players are stood there like lemons. The blood started to boil as I realised that, yet again, I was about to be sent back to the main menu because some prick couldn’t take being beaten.

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