5 Pioneering Games that time forgot

Pioneers have always been a very important part of the video game industry, they mark the few occasions where someone tried to do something different and that something different actually turned out to be kinda cool. So cool in fact, that everyone else starts to incorporate it into their own projects. Eventually after enough games use that “something different” it then becomes the new standard that everyone has to adhere to if they want to be taken seriously.

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sikker442681d ago

shadowman. what the hell happened to that game?

DigitalHorror812681d ago

Being a horror author, I had a soft spot in my heart for that on the Nintendo 64. Is there any way someone could put that on the PSP (or NGP?) I would LOVE to play a remake of it.

sikker442681d ago

hey man, bubbles. i too write alot.

DigitalHorror812680d ago

I'll have to send you some of my work. Love your profile pic, by the way. I've been writing since grade school.

sickbird2681d ago

Holy crap WinBack haha. I remember renting that game with my friend back in the day. It was practically unplayable, the controls were so awful. I remember us thinking how cool the cover system and everything was, only if it worked right.

DigitalHorror812681d ago

I might be dating myself in these comments here, but..I'll say it. OREGON TRAIL on the old old Apple computers...about 20 years ago.