CVG - Yakuza 4 Review

Yakuza 4, then: crime in a big city, the familiar gangster grind to the top. Violence and grit. Blood and money.

Except, of course, it's much more than that - you may already be aware that the Yakuza games are also funny, warm-hearted and absurd, but you may not have realised how brilliantly bizarre they are.

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gravemaker2503d ago

one of the best series ever

Yi-Long2503d ago

... missed out on the first 2 due to not having a PS2. Didn't bother with pt. 3 because of the cuts, but this seems like it's a good release, so I'll probably pick it up this summer/fall (when the price drops a bit)

gravemaker2503d ago

you should start with third Yakuza, because if you start with fourth you miss the story of Kazuma and he is a great, awesome character

nycredude2503d ago

Yi long

Get the 3rd one. There are really nice video recaps of the first two games and after playing the third you will be fully brought up to speed. not to mention you will be emotionally connect to the character so 4 will mean more to you.

Also, Yakuza 3 was AWESOME!

akiraburn2503d ago

I definitely with what Gravemaker and nycredude said. As awesome as the fourth game is, the third is equally as great, and tells a very important story about Kazuma. Like nycredude said, you'll also get the backstory for the prior two games, which is somewhat important and will give you more relation and connection to many of the characters.

The videos are nice and lengthy too, so that should give you have a full understanding of the Yakuza world. And the game overall has a ton of side content to keep you busy, including about a dozen mini-games, gambling halls, hitman missions, a battle coliseum, and 101 substories to play through. I've actually invested over 60 hours into it, and I've still not finished everything. And you can grab the game now for about $20 USD or less, brand new. So it's something to consider.

christheredhead2503d ago

picking up my copy today. 40 dollars at best buy. such an awesome deal.

nycredude2503d ago

You better hurry up. It apears they are on backorder already. They don't order much of these games to begin with.
ETA is already 3/31/11 - 4/13/11.

christheredhead2503d ago

dang. im about to leave right now to go check it out. hopefully there is some chance they have 1 copy left.

christheredhead2503d ago

the best buy that i went to seriously had 1 copy left. it was sitting on the shelf all by itself. im pretty stoked that i managed to find 1 copy left.

newn4gguy2503d ago

I get paid tonight. I can't wait to get it!

fredfenster2503d ago

My copy's been sent, hope it arrives anytime soon, can't wait!

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