Carmack: 'Rage Looks Better Than I Imagined'

NowGamer: id Software's veteran programmer John Carmack says upcoming shooter Rage is visually more impressive then he could ever have hoped for...

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RedDead2681d ago

I know this isn't open world as in GTA or Elder scroll opens, but it's still a good bit open isn't it? Like say...Stalker SoC?

skyward2681d ago

Not as much as Stalker, but more so than say, Crysis 2 I imagine. Lots of large hubs, interlinked by corridors no doubt...

LOGICWINS2681d ago

Can't wait to try it out :)

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Redempteur2681d ago

what i want is more engines taking advantage of the specs of their consoles.

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WhiteNoise2681d ago


It's probably more like borderlands, closed off caves and towns but open world in between.


The game looks good but no game can go through 3 years of hype and come out exceeding expectations, they announced it way too soon and I think it will be disappointing as a result.

killalot1002681d ago

I hope they dont show Doom 4 to soon.

Thrillhouse2681d ago

In 2008 (I think) Carmack said Doom 4 will be running at 30fps on consoles, and will look about three times as good as Rage.

id has also said that the wait for Doom 4 won't be as long as we think, because the engine is pretty much built already.

So hyped! :P

pixelsword2681d ago

I hope they show SOMETHING soon... The last time I heard anything about Doom 4 was on the Jace Hall show.

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BABY-JEDI2681d ago

Its always good to hear a completely unbiased opinion... LoL

Raendom2681d ago

I agree. Rage looks good in terms of animation, in terms of world, but in terms of gameplay? :\ Doesn't make me that excited.

pixelsword2681d ago

Every parent thinks their baby is the cutest, lol.

OT, I'm glad to hear; but with one faction gone and open world somewhat reduced, I am very glad the extra "oomph" went back into the game as polish instead of merely chopping things off. Very professional, Id. Can't wait for the demo and then the game!

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