Study: 72% of Kinects Purchased Intended to Attract the Opposite Sex

According to a recent study conducted by The New York Times, 72% of Microsoft Kinect owners falsely believe using the device makes them desirable to the opposite sex.

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Chaostar2504d ago

Where do they get this absurd information from, I think polls are fundamentally flawed as most people will just say whats funny, rather than what they actually feel i.e.

"consumers purchased the Kinect 22% of the time for personal enjoyment, 6% for its magical healing properties, and 72% to attract a potential mate."

Magical healing properties? You gotta be sh!tt!ng me.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2503d ago

lol HI honey, uu whats that?!

Umm, its one of those kinects

*poker face*

LOGICWINS2503d ago

"72% of Kinects Purchased Intended to Attract the Opposite Sex"

ROFL...that has to be one of the craziest things I've ever heard.

Kurylo3d2503d ago

I beleive it. Think about it.. gives u an excuse to feel up on the chick while playing.. laughing and tickling her to try to screw her up in the game... its an excuse to get close and hook up.

I mean I cant fault anyone who buys it for that purpose.

LOGICWINS2503d ago

Oh no, I agree that a couple people bought it for that reason...I just think the 72% part is a bit ridiculous.

Kurylo3d2503d ago

I dont know.. i think it sounds about right. I mean does kinect really have any games that a typical gamer would buy it for. I am sure they will at one point.. but until then ur only going to be "bowling" if u got a woman in teh room. Men dont get together so they can bowl... Unless they into other men.

Vaud-Villian2503d ago

72% of oxygen inhaled is during pursuit of the opposite sex so I will believe it.

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itsactuallyadam2504d ago

best news ive heard all week, also i wont be buying a kinnect anymore.... the women dont think it's cool :'(

MrBeatdown2503d ago

Go Go Gadget obvious joke...

That's because women prefer the Move wand.


methodman782504d ago

in theory if you are overweight and buy a Kinect, work your a$$ off daily on it and become buff, you may then become more desirable to the opposite sex

I Believe that 62.5% of the time most people talk crap though

DelbertGrady2503d ago (Edited 2503d ago )

It would be impossible to become "buff" using Kinect unless they release a strong man game that comes with free weights, dietary supplements and an instruction manual on how to eat & train correctly.

People who buy a video game peripheral in order to get fit are delusional. It's as retarded as going on an LCHF diet.

The_Ultimate_Guy2503d ago

True that diet is key and in order to build muscle you need resistance like using weights. But technically you could lose weight so long as you burn more calories than you intake.

Playing kinect "could" result in the loss of weight and strengthen your leg muscles.

methodman782498d ago

I agree that diet is a major factor, but the basic theory of burning more calories than you put in works, so its not a useless tool to becoming healthy or fit,
call me delusional, but I have lost weight using Kinect (Your Shape) as part of a whole workout, so thats fact you cant dispute!
It also has workouts that use weights which have helped define my arms

bozebo2503d ago

they need a wii for that, duh

beeeffess2503d ago


These normal people coming in here stealing our video games.

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