Is it Time for the Wii 2?

Third party games for the Wii have not sold nearly as many units as their PS3 or XBOX 360 counterparts. Many third party developers have abandoned the platform. Some (EA) have called the Wii a legacy platform, and are already hinting at a Wii 2.

Is the time right for a Wii 2? It definitely is the right time for the Wii 2 to emerge. A Wii HD variant should have been put into production a long time ago. The Wii’s graphics are showing it’s age, and it’s accessories wane in comparison to the Kinect’s and Sony Move’s capabilities. Additionally, what type of hardware should be in the Wii 2?

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Shok2536d ago

He forgot better online, but I think the things he listed are pretty much givin.

Beahmscream2536d ago

Answer: Yes. Wii is completely outdated now.

Titanz2536d ago

I guess they realize the potential an HD Nintendo console could have on the industry.

Elimin82536d ago

Not even the wii 3.. Go straight to wii 8. So by the time PS4 and Xbox 365 comes out they will all be up to par or close enuff.

lelo2play2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

"Is it Time for the Wii 2?"

hummm... nop... Don't care...

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