I like Kinect.....but....

I remember the way my original wide-grinned enthusiasm for the Nintendo Wii had morphed into my bored, clock-watching ‘can we do something else now?‘ face within two hours–-Kinect did much of the same.

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Assassin Nawabi2623d ago

yeah i am also kinda old school, controller-less gaming is cool but it just can't replace the feel of a traditional controller

moparful992623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Well like i've said from the word go there's this kind of "disconnect" feeling without tactile feedback (click of buttons, rumble, heft of a controller etc)I had the chance to play kinect recently and here's my opinion..

Its neat when you walk up and it recognizes someone is there and the avatar on screen moves. But there was this bowling game running and there was barely any latency at all but here's my issue. I was just swinging my arm and it was incredibly difficult to judge where my hand and arm were relative to the motion required to bowl.
Further more I tried my hardest to apply english or spin to the ball and it just would not do it.. The ball traveled straight in the direction I pointed and thustly the game became repetitive and boring in a matter of minutes..

I also played Joy ride and wow that game sucks.. Half the time the car would steer opposite of where I was telling it and the lack of ability to control acceleration really irritated me.. So based on those two games kinect was a flop for me.. I really cannnot see myself spending that kind of money for that experience..

Assassin Nawabi2623d ago

well this reply of yours pretty much sums up the whole experience

moparful992623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Lol yea honestly.. I don't mean to sound biased or fanboyish or anything of that nature but I tell it like it is and despite not really liking microsoft or the 360 im a gamer and I play games not consoles.. So I've tried every single high profile release for the 360 before making a judgement call.. For example I fell in love with mass effect 2 way back when it first came out and found myself in walmart staring at a 360 and was about to buy one but I talked myelf out of it.. Now look mass effect 2 is on the ps3:) But regardless I feel that kinect is just a casual crutch for microsoft to lean on until they can launch their next console.. They've all but given up on their core audience sadly...

doG_beLIEfs2623d ago

It was 2 years before I finally tried the Wii. It was what I thought it was, boring, easy and well....boring.
Very little if any skill is needed for Wii games. Enter Move, every little movement you do and the speed and angle in which you do perfectly played out on the screen with say disc golf and bocce in SC. It continues to bring me and others I know back because of the competition among not only ourselves but that with such high precision you can get better and better each time you play it.

Playing on Gold while newbees play on bronze really shows this. And even then...a seasoned player in SC will wipe the floor with newbees. On the Wii? Well the answer is obvious, my friends 6 year old daughter could beat me sometimes on Wii...and of course NEVER so far with Move.

I have not tried Kinect but I do have both the Eyetoy and PSeye...I imagine the same issues that the Wii along with the Playstation cameras would be brought up which gives me no want or need to play it.

This is not a troll attempt...this is just my explanation as to why I love Move and could care less for Wii or Kinect.

Precision, speed, accuracy, timing....ALL THERE with Move...which is why it can appeal to both the core gamers and casual gamers...the motions are easy but perfecting them is hard....just like in real life. Anyone can throw a frisbee..but it takes practice and more practice to get good at it.

gameguru2623d ago

seriously i hate kinect, move and wii-mote crap... they are good for casuals but nothing there to interest a hardcore gamer like me unless MS or Sony try and make some serious hardcore games for kinect and move respectively

B1663r2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

Dance games are not casual...


Sigh... Go to a game con. People are playing dance games at the game con. If gamers at game cons competitively playing dance games is not hardcore, then you two simply don't understand what core games are...

limewax2623d ago

Of course they aren't :s

gameguru2623d ago

what? are you serious? seriously who plays these games??

moparful992623d ago

So killzone 3, resident evil 5, socom 4, heavy rain etc aren't hardcore enough for you?? Killzone 3 with move is sick! I love the assault rifle attachement as well. This is exactly the type of experience sony promied with move. I can't speak for the other games as I haven't played them with move.

smashman982623d ago

the thing is Kinect would be awesome if it used a controller as well if the 2 worked together i feel we could have a gaming experience that would possibly actually evolve the way we play

Instead of full body motions jus a hand motion though. My lazy ass likes to sit down while i play

macky3012623d ago

You mean like Wii and Move,.. Yes!! It could work ,... genius!! Whoever bought IR-depth eyetoy for 150USD is a fucking moron,...

smashman982623d ago

lol no not like those more like an actual controller one that i dont have to point with

citan2623d ago (Edited 2623d ago )

I don't understand why somebody spends $150 if he doesn't like motion gaming. Do they shoot you in the head if you don't buy Kinect in US/UK?

Lamarthedancer2623d ago

No...but the guy in the shop said if I don't buy one he'll cut my ear off.

I have 6 Kinects now

moparful992623d ago

Rofl!! well played sir..

pixelsword2623d ago

I liked the sixaxis, but I didn't even want to try move, kinect, or the wii. I just think that stuff should be in addition to the controller instead of replacing it because you'll never get the same control as you would from buttons and sticks.

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