Motorstorm Apocalypse is present in the european stores, despite the Japanese tsunami

Motorstorm Apocalypse delayed in Europe for the Japanese Tsunami ? The facts say other ...

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Splenda142558d ago

they shipped a bunch of copies so stores sell it. They are not going to send anymore till the release date

TheMrMadzen2558d ago

The game is safe and sound at my house atm:D

xc7x2558d ago

there is war going on now in some countries,should they stop putting out war games? people are offended at video games,should we stop putting out games altogether? this kind of thinking is weird to me..same with a delay or hold on putting out a game with a tsunami in it because of a disaster that happened with a tsunami. it's a game,not real life,what's wrong with people? i don't get it.

ian722558d ago

I said the exact same yesterday. Got called a moron and idiot. Also my comment was removed as someone said it was offensive.
It's terrible what's happened, but we have to carry on. Like I said before, the Japanese affected have more to worry about than a computer game.
Well said + bubble.

GamerSciz2558d ago

Putting a delay in Japan is understandable out of sheer respect. But putting a delay everywhere else isn't really necessary but still obviously out of respect.

SpLinT2558d ago

im very sad about japan but im still buying this game. im not a sensitive little bitch like the author of this article

Rhezin2558d ago

hah yeah no sh!t. I'm still buying Motorstorm Apoc. It's f!cking motorstorm! I'm not missing out on that!

Still really horrible for Japan, I swear the bad news keep pouring in from there. Now I hear the radiation levels are a lot higher than they originally suspected. Hope they pull through. :(

KongRudi2558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

First of all, the game were allready shipped to mainland Europe stores when the quake happened.
And I also think it's only been confirmed to be delayed for UK, and Japan. US release were allways planned later.

Second, I think it's pretty poor taste to make a blog and get hits for stuff like this.
You can't turn back time and stop the shipments.

Personally I had it preordered, so I got it in the mail today. :-)
I bought the first Motorstorm, but didn't really play it that much. Skipped all the sequels, but this latest game looked so awesome I had to get it.

First impressions is that it is really fun game, so far I've got to around 20% in the story-mode, after a few hours, are currently struggling with the roof-top level shown in the trailers.

There is alot of earthquakes and falling buildings and enviroment happening all the time, it's crazy exciting racing in it. :-)
As for any associations we get from the game to the dreadfull triple tragedy in Japan, I can't say anything has bothered me yet.
Most people will realize that this is over the top action, wich would not be fun in reallife.

There is however a Godzilla-joke in one of the motion-comics wich kind of left me feeling pretty awkward, concidering a place in Japan were mentioned, and the current events going on there is not yet over.
And if things turn really bad, it would be concidered in poor taste. :-/
So in that regard, Sony is doing right to stop further shipments.
That's my impressions after my first 4 hours tough, so it could be more. :-/

People in Japan have handled these 3 crisises pretty impressive, and better than I fear that most others like myself would handle one of them, and hopefully the bad news will cease now.

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