Gears of War 3 beta unlocks fuel "egos"

Epic has described the exclusive items unlocked by playing the Gears of War 3 multiplayer beta as "carrots" designed to entice gamers to play it long enough for the development team to gain proper feedback.

Players will receive unlockables including a Beta Tester Medal, Thrasball Cole playable character and a Gold-Plater Retro Lancer by playing many matches in the beta.

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canot wait to play gears 3 single player

LF912407d ago

Does anyone know if you can cancel pre orders from GAME? I was going to pre order gears 3 from game get the beta code then cancel my order when the beta ends, because i wont have much money by the end of the year and i would rather also order it from amazon because they tend to cut the price a bit before launch. Also do they charge you as soon as you pre order or when they dispatch the game to you?

pixelsword2407d ago

Very nice; I like the fact that they reward testers with stuff. I only hope they have an open beta so everyone can get a chance to get these items.

bozebo2407d ago

".. the new Team Deathmatch mode..."
Team Deathmatch is new? Wow they are really stepping up the game this time!