9.0 Crysis 2 review

Crytek´s sequel is a style of study of intelligent design freedom with wonderful graphics. Gamereactors Petter Hegevall has played through it several times and offers his review. It is the longest review he has ever written.

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starchild2625d ago

So that makes it 4 reviews that rated it 9, and one review that rated it 8.5.

Very nice scores so far. I know I am really going to enjoy it.

starchild2625d ago

Some excerpts from the review:

"After 13 sweaty hours, my journey through the stunning charming landscape that Crytek once again conjured up ended. Crysis 2 is not just three times so far, such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 , Killzone 3 and Medal of Honor. There is also much better with more varied action, tighter gun battles and more exciting environments. The Crytek this time also put equal resources into the multiplayer part of the adventure itself is another cause of ecstasy."

"If you look at the graphics from a technical standpoint, Crysis 2 is very impressive. The environments are not as extensive as that of its predecessor, but instead more diverse, much more detailed and packed with possibilities"

"The textures are in general very high class and animation work is clearly more impressive than Crysis Warhead . The level of detail is also almost insane and impact work such as smoke, fire, water and fog impress something really huge."

"The last thing I feel I want to address is the 3D support in Crysis 2 and the difference between Crytek and, for example, Killzone 3 . In Killzone 3 and Motor Storm: Apocalypse generated 3-D effect by the game's graphics engine churning out two images simultaneously, which is then projected onto opposite eye. This means that the game, in 3D mode, must render two similar frames instead of one, which of course means that things such as resolution, detail and different effects have to be pulled down."

"Crytek has another solution on how to render 3D and after a few hours with Crysis 2 , it is easy to conclude that it is superior to Sony's version."

"The 3D effect then works better than in both Killzone 3 , Call of Duty: Black Ops , Gran Turismo 5 and Motorstorm: Apocalypse (and) is very impressive."

"In the end, contains Crysis 2 lots of cool weapons and Nano-upgrades, stunning graphics, excellent gameplay, an addictive freedom in a tight and well thought out choreography and great variety. Single-player component of Crysis 2 took me about 13 hours to play through and all they offered brilliant action while the multiplayer definitely will keep me awake for many long nights. It would be unfair not to nominate this year so far coolest action games. Crytek has done it again."

finbars752625d ago

Crappy game,cant wait until it hits the bargain bin.Flop for Crytek.

starchild2625d ago

Aah another fanbaby. You mad that the PS3 version turned out to be the worst of the three so you going to hate on the game now? So predictable.

ps3bestever2625d ago

But what I said ? Score is great, Otherwise ?

finbars752625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

Really fanboy?I just dont think it looks good and the demo wasnt impressive.Sorry to break the news to as well but I did play it on the xbox when it first came out and I hated then as well.The only thing thats predictable is your generic comments.Thanks for ordinary you really stood out on your own.maltice75 xbox account finbars75 psn.Retard.We all can voice our opinions i believe?Right?Just like you voiced your opinion about my comment.have a great day ordinary guy.

Insanelyman2625d ago

If you think its crappy then why are you here.

bumnut2625d ago

Because people are allowed to post comments about their opinions perhaps?

Insanelyman2625d ago

He can post whatever he wants just like you can but for him to call it a crappy game is just fanboy talk bcuz he hasn't even played the whole game yet.

Insanelyman2625d ago

Great review! Can't wait to pick this up next week.

BeAGamer2625d ago

my only problem with the game is the low field of view

makes me nauseous sometimes

NVIDIAGeek2625d ago

Don't worry, this game has mod tools. Modders will make this 10/10. ;)

DEADEND2625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

I played three matches last night and just went to lensoftruth to look at the differences between the PS3 and 360 version. And I have to say that the PS3 version looks good, it may not be the best version out of the three but it is still the best looking multi platform game on the PS3 and anyone platform game out. I did play the 360 demo when it first came out and it wasn't all that great either, so I don't understand why everyone is screaming that the 360 is the best version.

The way I see it is that the game is fun and it does have some issues but over all it is a solid game over all on all three platform. It is a day one on PC/PS3 for me like I stated many times before.

byeGollum2625d ago

hey Deadend, im having tough time deciding between the PC and 360 version.. I might just get both as well.. the Visual difference between both is/was massive when I played the PC version.. but I had troubles getting an online game.. by the way if you pre order the PC version at EA you get Crysis 1 free with it

OdinFallen2625d ago

What wasn't great about it?

DEADEND2625d ago

The graphics aren't the best on both consoles and there were a lot of pop ups on both as well.?

OdinFallen2625d ago

This time give me a response not a quick retort. What wasn't "great" about the graphics? what pop-up are you talking about? I've put quite some time into the demo and hadn't had any major graphical issues. Are you really only judging the game by its graphics? You don't think the game looks good? Interesting.

DEADEND2625d ago

Look on both the 360 and the PS3 had pop ups that I've noticed, I haven't said anything negative about the game really. And I have not stated that one version is better than the other now have I. All I'm saying is that I ran into some issueson both the 360 and PS3.

OdinFallen2625d ago

I'm not trying to defend anything, I'm just wondering what the issues were *specifically.

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