Killzone 3 Trailer Contest

Guerilla Games knew Killzone fans were a creative bunch, but the recent live-action Killzone: Extraction short by pwnisher completely blew them away. It also got them wondering: how many other talented filmmakers are there in the Killzone community?

To find out, will be hosting a “Create Your Own Killzone 3 Trailer” video contest from March 18 to March 31. They will put up 3 sets of Killzone 3 footage with the themes launch trailer, jungle and space. From there competitors can create a short trailer and post it on the official Killzone forums.

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josephayal2623d ago

Best Game n Graphics Of This Gen by far

NukaCola2623d ago

on a console shooter. I mean I still find Uncharted 2 to be the best in well....everything

cochise3132623d ago

This game is so epic its unreal.