New Prototype 2 Information, Screens

EGM Digital Magazine has released its latest issue bringing us brand new screenshots and information for Prototype 2.

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SpaceSquirrel2684d ago

The screens look great so far

Hitman07692684d ago

I wonder if it will be inevitably compared to Infamous 2 like last time :P

Danielmccue2684d ago

its already being compared.

and just like last time i will buy them both.

UnSelf2684d ago

"The muscle mass power is gone."


went from must have to rent

user94220772684d ago

I think I'll choose inFamous 2 over this any day.

bronxsta2684d ago

Looks awesome. Sounds epic. The sequel to my favorite "stress-reliever" game of all time is going to be even better than the original

Can't wait

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