Bill Gates signed Xbox 360 Halo 3 pack charity auction exceeding $8k

It's not just the Halo 3 pack you get - there's also a Limited Edition Halo 3 Zune signed by J. Allard, a vast array of Xbox 360 peripherals and accessories including the rare aluminium-cased Accessory Package, and pre-loaded content of the sort you could merely dream about (if you were having a particularly Halo 3-themed dream).

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mighty_douche3764d ago

no but seriously Bill probably made more than 8k in the time it took him to write his name.

okcomputer3764d ago

Weird that a genius has handwriting that looks like a 10 year old's.

mighty_douche3764d ago

and to be honest im pretty sure Bill Gates would have been using a word processor since way before he was ten. REMEMBER he pretty much invented them.

Silvia0073764d ago

damn, people really got money to spend. If it makes your wet dreams come true... go for it.

ElementX3763d ago

I think it's awesome that Bill Gates signed something for charity. He also has his own charity with his wife and they donate millions of dollars. Way to go Bill!

risk3763d ago

what would happen...if it RRoD'd?? 8K down the drain?

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