Dragon Age II: Just Plain Lazy (Hooked Gamers)

We have been talking quite a bit about Dragon Age II here at HG headquarters. In between all the yelling and crying, between the smashed keyboards and thrown staplers, one question keeps coming up: What do we compare Dragon Age II against? More specifically, should Dragon Age II be compared to Dragon Age: Origins, or can it be judged separately?

Such a question leads to statements like “Dragon Age II is a good RPG, but not a good Dragon Age game” or “Dragon Age II is a decent action-RPG, but not a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins.”

I say, ridiculous! Whether you compare it to Dragon Age: Origins or Baldur’s Gate II, to European RPGs or Japanese RPGs, to first-person shooters or real-time strategies, Dragon Age II is a lazily designed game, a game developed with little effort and thought.

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SlxTeN2679d ago

They should have used at least 2 DVDs. This DVD space issue is really starting to ruin the sequels because they cant surpass their predecessor.

bumnut2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

Incorrect, they rushed the game to make a quick $ and it shows. You can't make a good RPG in the time between DA1 and DA2.

SlxTeN2679d ago

I guess this is also a possibility and should not be excluded.

HeavenlySnipes2679d ago

Wow people are really trolling this game huh?

Dragon Age isn't really my cup o' tea (Haven't played wither of them) but I doubt Bioware released a half as game like all the critics are saying.

GoldenGamer2679d ago

I'm really immersed into it when i play but i do agree that the cave layouts etc are the same every time. But overall I'm finding it a much better experience. And I absolutely adored DA:O I guess i'm just open to change.

RedSky2679d ago

It may be a harsh score, but the review is pretty much spot on otherwise. On its own merits, it's still a game that deserves 7.5-8.5.

Stealth20k2679d ago

so when a jrpg gets this score its right and when a game from bio ware it has to be a mistake right?

the game isnt good

dc12679d ago

The very large majority of critics that are expressing their displeasure with this game absolutely love/loved Dragon age Origins and the Mass Effect series. They firmly believe that Bioware represents the very best of WRPG development and are part of a very small group of elite story tellers.
Dragon age II flies in the face of what they held to be true (what they expected).

The expression of displeasure is all they have left after dropping $60.00US on the product and have a year of expectation washed down the drain.

I said it before – Dragon Age II is a 7.5 out of 10 (it’s not bad… just slightly above average.. But certainly under the expectation that fans had coming off of DAO and a year of promises)

RedSky2670d ago

What does anything I said have to do with JRPGs?

The game has well developed characters and interesting side quests even if the main storyline is tosh. It's got far more tactical gameplay that 90% of titles although it is scaled back from the first.

Point is, it might be a relative let down but it's miles more interesting that some derivative 6 hour FPS that passes off for $60 these days. The kind that score 9.5/10 from frat boy reviewers like IGN.

WharenPeace2679d ago

The review hits the nail right on its head. It's definitely a forgettable mediocre action RPG, but when compared to Dragon Age:Origins, it's apparent how dismal it is as a sequel.

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