PlayStation Home v1.5 Patch Detailed

In the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Sony revealed details on the upcoming patch that will totally revolutionize the PlayStation Home.

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Sven Benoit2651d ago

Man I haven't logged into Home in a longggg time. Maybe this is a little something to bring me back.

bwazy2651d ago

Agree'd... I think I logged in once when I first got my PS3 back in 07. Havent touched it since. I really hope that they somehow integrate it to the XMB so that its always "efficiently" running in the background.

Sven Benoit2651d ago

Yeah, I think I only logged into Home like a total of 5 times. It just wasn't that appealing to me. The couple of times that I was in Home, it would just be a lot of idiots just standing there dancing. But yeah, once and if they integrate it into the XMB, thats when i would probably use it more

Mnemonic-DK2651d ago

That would be nice - but it isn't possible due to the amount of memory it would consume.

At best it could be saved in a "hibernation" state when not in use, but it wouldn't make it run in the background.

Spitfire_Riggz2651d ago

Yeah not only a bunch of idiots dancing the people who are chatting usually ignore you too. Smug bastards.

Once I logged in to find some LBP players, went to the LBP world and asked if anybody wanted to play like 10 times. Not even a simple "no".

I dont think they play real games

Agent VX2651d ago

I like getting more of my hardware, but the amount of updates on my PS3 gets very tiresome.

Masterchef20072651d ago

Sounds pretty good. I am going to have to check it out

shikamaroooo2651d ago

checked out home last week and wow its improved so much

Orionsangel2651d ago

There's this disconeted feeling in Home from the lack of any kind of interaction. They need to fix this with Avatar's by being able to touch each other with a Kiss, Cuddle, Hold hands, Hug, High Five, Shake Hands, Arm Wrestle even.

Redempteur2651d ago

they added new emotes ad they are still adding more each BIG update.

and direct interraction with anyone just isn't possibledue to the nature of the's already proven that some were abusing this in the early stage of HOME. now everyoneis pysically detached but have more interraction

Orionsangel2651d ago

You could make it so male and male and female and female can't kiss or cuddle or hold hands. Also a person would first have to approve being kissed or cuddled. It could work and make Home more exciting. They have to have interaction or Home will constinue to fail.

Redempteur2651d ago

Home isn't failing .. in fact there are more things , games , interraction with each update .. it's ok to voice your opinion , but don't force feed to others please

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