Is Call Of Duty unbeatable?

Will Call Of Duty always be the most popular shooter? Which games have the best chance of beating it and will this year be the best time for them to strike?

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imvix2499d ago

Sales wise its going to be hard, Quality wise its been beaten long back by games like TF2, L4D, Crysis 1, BC2.

Oldsnake0072498d ago

dude not everyone likes battlefield more than cod.

StanLee2498d ago

Yup. I'll talk Call of Duty's perk system over other games' class system any day. The franchise gets a raw deal for remaining mainly unchanged since Call of Duty 4 but I think that's a good thing. It has a huge community and most of the game's problems come from community exploits such as hacking and modded controllers. The game still runs at 60 fps, and still gives you such a dynamic and accessible way to play.

Johandevries2499d ago

No, not unbeatable.


Cloudberry2499d ago

That's because I'm not an FPS gamer.

But I acknowledge that "Call Of Duty" series is monster.

There's only 1 thing that I still curious about this series...

How would the "Call Of Duty" game on NGP would fare?

Excluding the possibilities of the "usual" glitch fests of that previous titles (I think?), I just wondering how the game would perform even on portable console with now the dual analog stick included...

Of course, the sales on both game + NGP also.

Shok2499d ago

For now it is, but it will soon be dethroned. No way such a recycled franchise can continue to be successful like that. People will soon wake up and realize that what they've been playing is mediocre.

-Alpha2498d ago (Edited 2498d ago )

Black Ops is the highest selling COD game, I think. And it's not even the main franchise, nor the best quality title of the series. Modern Warfare is, and that's bound to sell more.

COD is unbeatable this gen. I don't see any game coming close to dethroning it. Halo is the closest title and that game has lost a lot of its audience to COD.

I think half the problem is that with so many competing titles, none of them can stand out and COD simply beat them all to the punch with a quality title in COD4. People just identified with it and the continuous releases just make people jump into it every year.

Of course I'm talking strictly sales and popularity. We will have games continuing to try and mimic COD's success. Games like BF3 still don't stand a chance because it's not the same type of game as COD is.

The audience is just too huge, the name is just too popular, and the title simply is attached with popular culture today.

I don't see COD being dethroned this generation. People are just too addicted to it and offers a quick fix for anyone just wanting to jump in and play, that IMO is what makes it so successful. It's familiar, easy to pick up and get into, and simply popular. All your friends have it, everybody knows it, everybody plays it. That's the mentality that sticks IMO

Ducky2498d ago

If Machinima(Respawn) ever stops humping CoD and starts giving other games some decent exposure, then CoD can easily be dethroned.

HmongAmerican2498d ago

HomeFront try but failed badly.

2498d ago
Zashule2499d ago

I think people were saying this about Halo 2/3 before Modern Warfare came out. It'll happen eventually, especially now that IW is no more.

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