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FleshEatingZipper says: "Well, I’ve played a lot of first person shooters in my time. I started with the original first person Wolfenstein and have been through all of the iterations of Call of Duty plus a couple releases of Medal of Honor, Rainbow 6, and many others. None of them, and I mean NONE of them were as frustrating as Homefront.

This game has some issues. Lots of them. I’m going to break some of them down, now."

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DelbertGrady2679d ago

Watching the video and reading his complaints he sounds like a butthurt COD fan. He didn't even mention the multiplayer in the review. And how many FPS games have good friendly AI? As long as it doesn't have respawning enemies that can only be killed by "pushing" through like in COD I think it looks good.

Paladz2679d ago

The multiplayer is so crap it's not even worth reviewing.

FEZ-Rob2678d ago

Actually, I'm not that happy with CoD. I've played it quite a bit because I have friends I play online with but I think it has a lot of problems as well.

As for multiplayer, I love it when people say what you did. They attempt to disqualify an entire review because an unquantifiable aspect of the game wasn't covered.

Yes, I said unquantifiable...Here's why.

My multiplayer experience will be different from yours. Yours will be different from Paladz down there has. Gorebago will have a different experience as well and so will GothicFighter, waseem335, citan, Buho and everyone else who plays multiplayer.

Why? Because the experience we each have is defined by a vast number of variables. Who we are playing with, the connection speed we have, the connection speed other people have, what kind of hardware we're running on, whether or not we have voice enabled and can hear people calling us a noob, etc...

Would you like me to review MY multiplayer experience? Awesome, here goes!

I logged in to a multiplayer match and was instantly satisfied with the lack of long, drawn out cinematics or out of control AI.

Then I got shot in the face. And I shot some other people in the face.

All in all, an average multiplayer experience!

Also, just because a lot of FPS games don't have good AI doesn't mean that's the way it should be. Status-quo does nothing for the genre, nothing for the industry and nothing for the gamers.

Thanks for the comment.


Biggest2678d ago

"He didn't even mention the multiplayer in the review"

That's funny coming from you, DelbertGrady. When the Killzone 3 reviews ignored the multiplayer and shooting mechanics to concentrate on the story, you were in agreement. Why the sudden change of heart?

gorebago2679d ago

With the hype and ultimate delivery, I agree with this score. I was pumped for the the game and it ended up mediocrity defined.

GothicFighter2679d ago

When I said it will be an epic fail people bashed me.
The game sucks ballz, as I've said weeks before release.

user8586212679d ago

Had people played Frontlines fuel of war, then you would realise how much the developers suck ¬_¬

citan2679d ago

Very honest review. People who defend this game should have their heads checked.

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